Fla. Burtal Slaying of Six due to XBOX theft.


I am without words.



so sad. a most tragic event. :sad:


And your going to tell me the violance is in the media? in games? not even Manhunt is this brutal! This just sickens me to the core. SIX PEOPLE DEAD, KILLED IN THEIR SLEEP. In such a brutal manner that not even dental records could identify them??? Screw the violance in games, what the hell is wrong with our sociaty??? What were these people thinking??? Really,… I just cannot express my lack of ability to comprehend this massacre!
FOR A STINKING XBOX??? Come on!!! If you would of called me I would of sent 2xbox’s and a ps2!I … I… I… ah forget it… there just is no way of getting this. This is one of the rare instances were I think the death penalty is justifiable,… perferable by burning at the stake…


Its not just about a x-box, its also about some clothes. But then again the media probably thought x-box killings has a better ring to it.

Sad anyway.


This isn’t about an Xbox… Thats the liberal media attacking video games and anything to do with video games. THIS was just another robbery/vigilante justice story among countless others… I firmly believe that if the word Xbox hadn’t been part of the issue, this story wouldn’t receive much coverage at all…

EDIT: haha, beat me to it…:thumbsup:


Xbox hadn’t been part of the issue, this story wouldn’t receive much coverage at all

apart from the multiple homicide aspect ?


Are you trivilizzing this crime precy?

I mean if it was your typical crime, at most maybe some guy and his wife got shoot or something, I guess I wouldnt be to much of a scene. But this is the BLOODIEST crime in Fla. History in over a deacde. This is I guess not all about the xbox, or even the clothes they wear, though there were direct links between it and the crime, it was more about I guess some twisted sexual jealously or something with the lady like some kind of weird vengance.

Man are there sick people in this world.

It just gets me that something designed for joy, fun, and entertaiment, has all this conotation of blood on it. It just really takes all of its innocance away.


Yet further proof that X-Box is the devils toolbox and Bill Gates is Satan himself incarnate :smiley: …:twisted:


I was thinking exactly the same thing myself. This was a case of disgruntled squatters (something I am all too familiar with, living in South Africa) who were pissed off at being caught and kicked out of the place where they were staying. The possessions (clothing and XBox) were simply an additional factor in the equation.

I don’t understand why the people took the XBox and clothing in the first place though - they had no right to do that :shrug:

This is a heinous crime though, and I hope that the murderers get nothing less than life sentences for this.


people have been murdered over a pair of shoes. Its sad but true.



I think they had the right to do whatever they wanted with stuff left there , it didn’t belong there. Hope those guys rot in jail and I hope each will get a new boyfriend named bubba.


It’s not easy to be an actively ‘good’ person; going out of your way to be nice, help others, etc… I understand that. But it’s really not that hard to simply avoid being an evil person. The standards of minimal decency are not difficult. Don’t thieve, murder, assault people, etc… When you’re murdering an entire household over your freaking videogame system that you left after breaking into their home, you’ve forfeited any right you had to exist.

Mercifully, these morons didn’t sound like the brightest bunch, and will be back behind bars prompty.


the media is showcasing it as “games kill” and never talked about the main guys past…

Victorino has spent eight of the last 11 years in prison and was arrested Saturday for a probation violation. His first arrest was in an auto theft when he was 15, according to state records. He has prior convictions for battery, arson, burglary, auto theft and theft.

after reading this, you then know its not about a Xbox game, but about someone with a troubled past. fact is, if it was a dvd movie and some clothes, the same thing would of happened. but since there was a video game involved, the media will put their blinders on and keep shoveling their version of the news down our throats.


don’t tell me they’re gonna blame X-Box for it right?? More ammo for the Video Games are the devil and the devil made me do it defence…bleh…people are sick f**ks! thats all there is to it!


Victorino has spent eight of the last 11 years in prison and was arrested Saturday for a probation violation. His first arrest was in an auto theft when he was 15, according to state records. He has prior convictions for battery, arson, burglary, auto theft and theft

which speaks volumes of the state of the criminal justice system in the state of Florida. This is a person who should never have been left on his own. Either in prison or in a mental health institution, this person has problems stemming back to early childhood. He has been a danger to sociaty and the state it seems has done little to resolve that problem. It is a coincidance that florida has one of the highest prison rates in all of the US? Their idea of corrective action is lock someone up as young as possible for as long as possible, but never realize that sooner or later this person WILL HAVE TO reintergrate into normal sociaty,… and if you dont prepare him to be able to then you have REALLY wasted alot of damm money keeping them locked up,… if in the end he was still going to be a danger to sociaty then hell, should of blown his brains out form the begining. This man dindnt know of a life outside of prison snice his teens. Now at least it makes sense. What does he cares if he gets caought, he knew sooner or later he get caught for something, at least get caught for something everyone in the prison respects. These are individualas who had no place to be out on the streets. These people are wrong for what they did, but I also blame the florida state criminal justice system for its narrowminded closed mentallity concerning crime. It will place a cop 40yrs in jail for sleeping with a teen with consent, but will put these obviously dangerous violent and antisocail people out on the streets. This massacre is a failure of the system.

And for any of those people who talk all hard about the “street” life, as if the “street” life is some cool thing way of being,… well ya,… this is very street. It dont get more street then a vindictive murder with baseball bats.


This happened about 30 minutes away from where I live…very sad.


Very sad indeed.


That reminds me of the Wonderland killings, you know the drug deal that went bad, had John Holmes the porno star linked too.


Yeah, crazy stuff…did you see the movie they made about that with Val Kilmer?? Really good flick and it comes with a 2 hour documentry about Holmes and the murders…pretty creepy stuff!


wow, that is truly disgusting. I’m always amazed at the things that some people are capable of. I can’t imagine that kind of brutality.