FK/IK non-stretchy autorigger spine setup?


Hey everyone, I’m in search of an autorigging spine setup that can do FK/IK but is not stretchy. I only have a few spine joints and it’s for a realistic rig. I’ve tried out almost all of the autoriggers out there, but they do everything but this! Any help would be appreciated!



Why don’t you setup with stretch and simply turn off the autostretch…+ I would definetly leave some strech even for realistic character it’s still nice to have a little of it.(Ex: they used some in LOTR)



If he could “setup with stretch and simply turn off the autostretch” then I’m sure he already would have, and he wouldn’t have bothered to come here to ask for help. Its obvious that he is looking for help with rigging because he doesn’t want to learn to rig just to provide himself with an FK/IK non-stretchy spine solution (which is perfectly fine). I think that your comment couldn’t have been less helpful. I’m sure your intentions were pure, but take time to really consider what he’s asking for … if you had you would have seen that your response was not going to help him at all. And of course it doesn’t help when you tell a guy who knows what solution is gonna work best for him that his solution is wrong because its not the way Weta did it on LOTR …

of course, I’m just sayin.


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