FK chain


Is there a way to rotate all the elements of a hierarchical (FK) chain in MoBu?
If you select a chain in MoBu and rotate, only the root/hierarchical parent will rotate. So for animating a tail with 2 billion bones I have to go bone by bone and rotate, instead of selecting all of them (or some of them) like I’d do in Maya for ex.


Either it’s a bug or feature but I think it works if you use world rotation. If you use local it doesn’t. Or it’s the opposite, can’t remember. But it is kinda weird that it doesn’t work as in Maya.


Hahaha… Yes!! :banghead: I was on Global of course, I think I almost never work on Local… so I never noticed the difference when posing an FK chain. I can’t believe it was so obvious and simple :thumbsup: Thanks!


No problem! :thumbsup:


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