Fixing Mixamo auto-rig issues and replacing body parts


Character animation was huge time drain at beginning of this project, so I pushed it off until now, and I’m out of time. None of the high to low poly projection stuff I worked out is working, and I just don’t have time to deal with it any more…

So… quickest option would seem to be mixamo auto-rig into RH tools for controls.

T-Pose.c4d (3.2 MB)


  1. High poly head / shoes were replaced with basic shapes as proxie. Need to figure out how to swap back in the originals once animation is worked out.

  2. Mixamo placed the toes all the way to the outside causing problems. Haven’t found tutorial anywhere on how to fix auto-rig bones that aren’t lined up correctly.

  3. Shirt and pants broke in various ways during Mixamo auto-rig. How do I replace them with the original pre-mixamo versions that aren’t broken? (Note that Mixamo isn’t properly outputting original pose, so I instead have gray T pose whereas white shirt is original, so I’m assuming he would need to be reposed before doing shirt swap.)

  4. No version of fbx, obj, or zip upload I’ve tried to Mixamo has resulted in character retaining his textures. what’s the magic formula there, or should I just give up and reapply everything after he’s made the round trip?


Mixamo rig is something that comes with R21 , have you got access to it?


That certainly looks like it addresses some of the otherwise kludgey workflow.

I’ll have to ask admin about access.

In the meantime, I’ve rebuilt much of my mesh to avoid some of the other issues.

Main remaining issue is figuring out how to swap back in high poly head / shoes once animation is all worked out. High to low poly projetion process is too involved. Need simplest way to swap in from proxy objects.