"Fit to Selection" option in any Deformer creation?



By default, when you have a deformer parented to an object, you can hit Fit to Parent so it inherits the parent’s overall size.

However, I want the deformer to match the specific selection of faces.

Is that possible?

So far, what I have come up is
(1) Duplicate the model.
(2) Select the specific faces.
(3) Invert selection. Delete it
(4) Then parent the deformer to the duplicated/stripped down model.
(5) Fit to parent
(6) Then reparent the deformer to the original model.

It’s a bit lengthy. So I was thinking if anyone knows a better way?

Thank you for looking at the problem.

P.S. Not being bratty about this, but this is the default behavior of Maya’s deformers (say FFD), that is fit to selection. Which I guess makes perfect sense.


I have a simpler solution,
Make a selection
Split the selection
add the deformer as a child of the new split object, make sure it is fit to the parent
drag the deformer to the original object


For a long time I use Hashimoto´s (aka anoanoW) plugin called FitDeformer+ which contain also this very useful option. Currently available R20 version…



Slr. For some reason, I don’t get any notification when someone replies to the thread.

Anyway, thanks @bezo for the reference! :slight_smile:

No offense mate, but your solution is more or less the same as mine. Check out @bezo link its really interesting.


Page appears only in Japanese for me.


Which causes what problem exactly?
There is a download link, a video, an English GUI … I do not need more.


There’s also the word “currency” to be found on the same page, which indicates that there is payment involved. I cannot see how much it costs (if it costs anything) or if perhaps I am buying a refrigerator by clicking :wink:

(I don’t see a video either…)


You don’t see it like this?


Nope. Must be a script or two. Perhaps I should just download, apparently the plugin itself is in English. (And hope no one will know my address to deliver the fridge.)


You cannot have enough fridges!


Gee, if you put it like this, my fridge IS actually fairly old.


For those not needing a fridge … Google Translate is your warm friend :smiley: