fit selection to use all of the 0-1 uvw range?


Just wondering where to start to fit selected faces in the 0-1 range in the uvw editor.

So ive got unfold done, i then need to get the selection of the unfold, and runt he script to get it to scale to fit perfectly in the zero to 1 range.

Ive tryed messing a little with $.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].unwrap5.getGizmoTM () but ive not done matrix maths since high school and it only spits out zeros for me…


Check out the pack > normalize function of the Unwrap_UVW mod.

normalize - determines whether the clusters will be fit to 0 to 1 space.


ive tryed messing with that, but it does not want to distort to fit exactly the zero-1 range…


Maybe this thread responds to your question ?


thanks, i was just looking at that now :slight_smile:

edt: doesnt seem to be working… do i need to be in unrwap uvw or edit poly mode?


I’m not sure to understand the problem.
Can you give more details about the context of usage ?

Don’t forget the unwrap function est very depedent of the context.
The mode must be “max modify mode”
The object and only this object will be selected, and in some case the modifier itself (setCurrentObject)


I think that he means he wants to select some arbitrary faces, and then have the map verts associated with those faces be scaled so that they fit the largest possible area between (0-1, 0-1)


Ah ok. The script which I wrote operates on the entire mapfaces, not a selection.
I believe that there are just one line to change :slight_smile:

I will make a function a little later.


Hey yes i want to scale the selection to fit in the 0-1 range.

I would appreciate seeing a simplified version :slight_smile:



Here is a “simplified” version under the form of a simple function.

fn getFirstItem theBitArray = (for i in theBitArray do return i)

fn getSizeUVW obj theFaces objUnwrapMod =
	objUnwrapGetVertexPosition = objUnwrap1.getVertexPosition
	objUnwrapGetVertexIndexFromFace = objUnwrap1.getVertexIndexFromFace
	objUnwrapNumberPointsInFace = objUnwrap1.numberPointsInFace
	coord=objUnwrapGetVertexPosition 0f (objUnwrapGetVertexIndexFromFace (getFirstItem theFaces) 1)
	minU=coord.x ; minV=coord.y ; minW=coord.z
	maxU=coord.x ; maxV=coord.y ; maxW=coord.z
	for f in theFaces do (
		nVerts=objUnwrapNumberPointsInFace f
		for v=1 to nVerts do (
			coord=objUnwrapGetVertexPosition 0f (objUnwrapGetVertexIndexFromFace f v)
			if coord.x<minU do minU=coord.x
			if coord.y<minV do minV=coord.y
			if coord.z<minW do minW=coord.z
			if coord.x>maxU do maxU=coord.x
			if coord.y>maxV do maxV=coord.y
			if coord.z>maxW do maxW=coord.z
	-- min,max,size,center

fn normalizeCoord coord size =
	sx=if size[3].x==0 then 1.0 else (1.0/size[3].x)
	sy=if size[3].y==0 then 1.0 else (1.0/size[3].y)
	sz=if size[3].z==0 then 1.0 else (1.0/size[3].z)
	coord*=(transMatrix [-size[1].x,-size[1].y,-size[1].z])*(scaleMatrix [sx,sy,sz])

fn normalizeUVW obj theFaces objUnwrapMod =
	size=getSizeUVW obj theFaces objUnwrapMod
	objUnwrap1NumberPointsInFace = objUnwrap1.numberPointsInFace
	objUnwrap1GetVertexIndexFromFace = objUnwrap1.getVertexIndexFromFace
	objUnwrap1SetVertexPosition = objUnwrap1.setVertexPosition
	objUnwrap1GetVertexPosition = objUnwrap1.getVertexPosition
	for thisFace in theFaces do (
		numPoints=objUnwrap1NumberPointsInFace thisFace
		for currentFaceVertex=1 to numPoints do (
			currentMapvert=objUnwrap1GetVertexIndexFromFace thisFace currentFaceVertex
			if not vertsFlag[currentMapvert] do ( objUnwrap1SetVertexPosition 0f currentMapvert (normalizeCoord (objUnwrap1GetVertexPosition 0f currentMapvert) size) )

if selection.count==1 do (
	max modify mode
	select obj
	if classof obj.modifiers[1]==Unwrap_UVW
		then (
			if theFaces.numberset!=0
				then (
					normalizeUVW obj theFaces objUnwrapMod
				else messageBox("no faces selected in the unwrap")
		else messageBox("the top modifier must be an unwrap with a face selection")	

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: warning: initially a column of blanks spaces seems to be added by the forum in the code. Strange… I think I removed all spaces but I am not sure.


Edit: Nm i got it working, now to make sence of it :slight_smile:

also may i use it in my script?


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