Fish Man, Fabricio Moraes (3D)


Congrats man!! Great image!



Hey Legend!

I witnessed the entire creation process of this project that was almost shelved. I have to admit that the key color you chose was better than that what I had suggested. For a brief moment thought you were delaying the completion of this illustration hehehehe But you went up to the end and surprised me this weekend. Top nouch again!

Congratulations my friend


Awesome character man:thumbsup: !!! Like farhquad said, it do reminds me a lot of Earthworm Jim probably like a nemesis kind of character.

Brave but too silly thinking that he can threaten with a water pistol any danger he could find.
LoL… well who knows, maybe his watergun is full of “toxic sewer water”.
About the gun being too clean, maybe a small scratch here and there would have helped. But on second thought, I think you were right to leave it like that, as it kind of “adds” to the “joke/not to be taken too seriously” feeling that results from combining the Fishman grim face& attitude with the silly toy water gun.

Again, congrats on such a great work!!:bowdown:


You can’t not love that gun! Amazing!


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really awesome ~


Awesome work man … i like the way you keep your attention to detail. keep up …


great work man!! congratulations!
as was said in 3d4all… work this animal.


Congrats !
Great render, nice concept :slight_smile:
can we see some wip ?


great work !!!
maybe some mental ray tips ? :cool:


Execution is very nice, though the humor in the image isn’t present without your explanation that this is a water gun. Could be anything from a laser to an acid gun. And even then it isn’t really funny. So, execution: well done, conception: not really present.


Amazing piece of work, great sculpting, materials and lighting. Awesome!


Beatiful. Congratulations


Ok, one more amazing piece from Mr. Moraes. Congrats! :buttrock:


Congratilations pafricio!
well deserved!
U’re the legend!


I am really happy with this CG Choice Award. Thank you CG Society team and many thanks again to everyone for the great feedback.


I am not afraid of your monster! :wink:
Excellent work! The effective character.
I congratulate with AWARD. :beer:
Your works always the remarkable.
Good luck to you!


Congratulations Fabricio, fantastic work man!!!


Congrats my friend!! :buttrock:

light, composition this amazing!!
now I want to see the samurai low poly!!! :bounce:



Amazing work!! :thumbsup: