Fish Man, Fabricio Moraes (3D)


Nice work Fabricio!


Amazing work.


Such inspiration! That’s very awesome!!


Extreme image man.


very good
i love your lighting
fantastic man


Thank you everyone for such great feedback.

I thought this image would take forever to finish due to the time of render. But I manage to finish glad with the result. Even more now that I know that you liked it.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Fab,

I’m slightly in awe of your work. I have liked your Steamnocchio image for ages, and added you to my like’s list to get notified of further stuff you do because of that. Was there a wip thread for this latest piece? Like there was for your steamnocchio picture?

Great picture, you must be so proud.


Great work!




i saw this on zbrush and thought to myself, this is going to be on the front of zbrush soon


Front Page!!! Wow!!!

Thank You So Much!!!


Lol! I love the intense stare in his eyes. He really believes in his gun. Lovely story telling. Congrats on the plug :thumbsup:


Nice, original and cute in a way. Very well handled :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


The intense facial expression does it for me. Really cool.

Good job.


water pistol :surprised
haha what a pity if I didn’t read the info
Voted ! :beer:


Nice character.
At first I thought it was Earthworm Jim revisited.

Congrats on the front page.


Very nice character and concept. I guess I’m the only one who thinks the water pistol looks a bit too clean, and sterile when compared to his suit, and everything else. Good stuff, though.


Nice Render.:thumbsup:


The ray gun feels too shiny and new compared to the rest of the scene. Everything has a dirty feel and a muted color palette except for the gun which is the most vibrant in color and totally clean. It just sticks out too much I think. Everything else is great.


As usual, Fab “the myth” Moraes creates a top notch image. Way to go my friend! Two thumbs up!:bowdown:


Hi, George, my friend.
Thanks for your compliment.
Thank you every one for the amazing feedback.

About the gun, I must say that the contrast was intetional to make it looks out of place. I thought this would give some humor for the scene. I am enjoing to read different opinion about that gun, and I think very interesting how some people like it and some other no so much about the exact same thing.

Thanks for the constructive critics :thumbsup: