Fish, Dmitry Paukov (3D)


Title: Fish
Name: Dmitry Paukov
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, mental ray, ZBrush

This artwork was done in spare time between projects studio.
Concept by Freeger.
You can also see more shots and animation


Very good work, great character. This is one of the things that when I see posted, I think that it looks like it was a very fun project to work on.


Very nice and funny image.
Have you tried add a bit more colors to that image, espiecialy to the fish ?
I am not sure but it could look better then.



Hahaha! Great character! Reminds me a lot of Shark Tale, except with a more detailed twist. :wink:



Funny fish, especially the facial expression. I like it


Very nice character, fun expression!


Very nice design! Cheers


This is a very nice character


Love him\her very much…good details…really like the animation to, I’m animator myself :slight_smile:
Nice gallery to :buttrock:



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