First WIP/Characters: Futuristic Multiplayer FPS Game


Hi, this is for a game I’m working on by myself. Using Maya and Torque Engine.

  • 2547 polys
  • 512x512 map

It’s going to be multiplayer, but I’m thinking I should make a single player part too.

Critiques, suggestions?

This is a design sketch for the Red team player… I’m really not set on this idea yet, so any suggestions here would be great.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:


pics arent working, I would like to see it though:D


I like the concept sketch. :thumbsup: For the player model, could we see some wires? that would help with the crits. So far from what I can see, you did a nice job with the textures, with one exception: the gloves just seem to blend with the sleeves. Mesh-wise, the arms seem a bit cylindrical. Also, I can’t quite put a finger on what exactly it is, but the shoulders look a little off, somehow.

Also, Tripod doesn’t allow image linking, but if you rename the extensions to .txt, they’ll show up fine.


get a better image host. is a free one a lot of people use, as I recall.


I’m signing up with photobucket now… thanks, ghostscape.

@lotekk: you’re right about the gloves, I’m going to fix that. About the shoulders, are they too broad?


ok, hehe… try again:


thanks again, ghostscape.

hope they show now… can you see 'em, crossfire?

i’ll put some wires soon.


looks great… keep up the good work.:thumbsup:

and you guys should copy and paste the links, heh lazy ppl = P


here’s some wires

(does this image host work better for you guys?)

PS. Is anyone interested in making a game?


It’s looking just fine! Do you have a textured version? I think I may be able to hook you up with some people, if you want. What’s the Torque engine? Is it a game?


Thanks! good to hear…:slight_smile:

About textured version…um, i guess my first post didnt show up, so I’ll try again.

and the sketch for a model I havent started yet…

…Hope it’s showing now.

Torque is a $100-150 engine from GarageGames. It was used to make the original Tribes game from Sierra. It has excellent multiplayer capabilities which is what interests me in particular. Goto and try the free demo.


That model look amazing. I just wish the Torque engine supported normal mapping…and other kinds of mapping


(Sorry for having to repost the images, I didnt have a proper image host until now. I tried geocities and lycos and now I’m using photobucket as suggested…)

HaloAnimator, until recently, Torque didn’t support the new shader and mapping techniques… the latest release of their engine is capable of bumpmapping, normalmapping, glow/bloom effect, and pretty well anything that DirectX 9.0 shaders allows. That’s as far as I understand at least, I haven’t got to the point of exploring those possibilities yet.


Awesome, awesome…

Put some weapon on him, or a backpack (radio ?) …

Keep it up…



Positive feedback is really motivating.

He’s definitely going to have a gun… it’s going to be a machine gun/grenade launcher combo.

Also, I’m planning on giving him an electrified tonfa as a melee weapon!


I see loads of wasted poly’s, You really dont need those many loops for the ellbows, knee’s etc… They bend right when you have 3 loops., and a lot of the loops on other parts don’t do mutch with the siloette, so they are wasted to…


I see what you’re saying Evil… I try to keep poly count down, but when it comes to joints and animating them I feel 3 loops isn’t enough. I think joints and anything that may be rounded in animation need to be articulated.

This is from a test model…

2 extra loops not only round out the front but they also help making a natural crease at the back. If this required lots and lots of polygons to do then I wouldnt do it, but I think considering the relatively low poly count on the model that its worth it. Really the benefit of this cant be seen until the character’s running around, crouching, all animated etc. That’s my opinion. :slight_smile:


I likes. Don’t think the modeling is the best i have ever seen but it does the job. I like the texture too, it reminds me of a french dream i never had where nazis are just loathing around with not much to do and it’s very foggy, there are alot of grays and whites, no blacks. There doesn’t seem that there would be much face behind the gas mask. Yep, that’s what i thinks.

now post that text map, or else!


heres the tex map thus far…

I organized it this way to minimize seams… I’m still learning proper texture mapping.

Comments are welcome.

As far as his face, well, in the game everyone will have an avatar, much like the ones used in forums/message boards. There will be ones that will come with the game that you can choose from or you can upload your own custom image. I think it will be fun to see lots of people with different images/avatars. I’ve never played any game where you can do that… has anyone?


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