First try: War horizon


This is my first try and I want some tip and constructive critics about it so far. The whole composition is a war horizon made in Final Cut Pro HD that is edited to look like a primitive road on the country during second world war. I haven’t used any tutorial of how to do anything that is in the scene. Just my own knowledge and playing.

I removed the telephone posts and made them to fence parts instead. I also changed the sky into something more dramatic. And after that I came to a kind of nice colour that look both like film and war.

From where I am now I will add some small explosions against the horizon for the machinegun sounds. I also will add a couple bomb and fighter planes above. The only problem is that I want the plane and sky to move a little bit ofcourse. But I can’t find any way to pan a still image in FCP.

[b]But I haven't got any host. :sad:



Now I at last have a host. If the file doesn’t work, download and use VLC Media Player:


Some constructive critics should be on it’s place after 80 views.


I’m sorry, but not a lot of people are going to go out of their way to download a new media player just to crit you, may I suggest using a different codec? and yeah, I’m at work so I cant dl that player.


I’m sorry. But I meant that if the movie doesn’t work in either Windows Media Player on PC or Quicktime on Mac, you can test that program. But I’m sure that file works in the standard players.


What’s up w/ your sarcasim? He was just saying what he thought you communicated…don’t get mad about that…it’s your fault you didn’t communicate



fisrt of all… at least to me, I had to use an alternative player to view your animation (in my case it was VLC, cause I use a Mac). And I think everyone is indeed having the same problem, that’s why no one it posting comments.

But here I go:

regarding the simplicity of the scene I think it was well done. No crits.



I’m not mad. Or do you mean Spater? :slight_smile:

Anyway, now I have a DivX version on a MacOS Server. Thank you to Kentor att


Ok, first off, you kinda have some funky things going on, I noticed about halfway through, you have a cloud at the the very bottom of the horizon jump and skip, you really shouldn’t have any clouds this low to the horizon, at that distance the sky would have faded off to a deep grey and you wouldn’t really see any clouds. Also it looks like you only used one image for the clouds, you need to use multiple images for these clouds, some in the forground which will move faster than the ones in the background, but I wouldn’t have the clouds moving any faster than you have them moving now, so I would take the clouds in the background and move them slower.

If you are using a program like discreet combustion, you can have all the clouds moving the same speed, but have the ones in the background moved back on the Z axis and you should achieve the same effect.

Also, you really don’t have enough planes in the sky, and you have them flying and radicly different speeds, but they all seem like they are on the same plane of distance because of their sizes. I may even think about them being brought closer, having a couple planes flying close over head, because right now, I get what you’re trying to acheive, but they’re just the black specks that it looks like you masked out of a black plane and put on there.

If I were you I would check out some good movie footage, there are a couple good scenes like this in Saving Private Ryan, and Band of Brothers has some too I believe, in theses you’ll see that it’s even darker than what you have now, so that the blasts can really show up, and then I would suggest also putting something in that would be silloetted against these blasts.

Well hope this helps, and good luck :slight_smile:


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