First Trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past


Looks like it could be great, but I am still worried about Singer.

Link (1080p):




I am… underwhelmed.

I have come to accept that action spectacle and Singer aren’t best buddies.


That music from Walking Dead?

I for one am intrigued.
Wonder if they are gonna patch the continuity “issues”?


Confusing trailer, and I personally have lowered my expectations after watching this trailer. I guess I was expect more of a war, mayabe they didn’t show it in the trailer. Also the sentinels(I think there was an early thread that had leaked images, and it looked like a plastic toy) don’t seem to be taking much of a role. I Also wonder how much of a role will bishop play in this. His eyes looked to fake with obvious red contact lens.

I just hope it’s not as bad as Last Stand. I still would like to see some of the traditional yellow in the costumes and a better design for Magneto. It’s still X-men and I want to see the VFX but I hope the story stands up.


Its good to see Patrick Stewart and James McVoy in the same film acting together, especially with them being the same character.

Jennifer Lawrence is also a bonus. :wink:


At 1:26 its from “The Thin Red Line” soundtrack (Hans Zimmer).
Can’t confirm absolute track number-but i have it. Its his best score IMHO.

Maybe you was askin’ about the first half?:blush:


As cool as the comic storyline this comes from is, I’m almost disappointed to see Singer X-Men taking over Vaughn’s X-Men, since Vaughn did a great job (IMO) rebooting the series after Ratner completely screwed it up. Even though there was continuity with the other films in First Class it was more around the edges and they weren’t locked in to anything. Now it’s looking like 75% Singer X-Men and 25% Vaughn.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked X1 and X2 for the most part, but after some really disappointing movies from Singer since, I am hesitant.

Still, considering they haven’t even shown the Sentinels in actual moving form or a great many things that could or should be in there, I am still very interested.

P.S. McAvoy becoming Patrick Stewart I can get with, but how on earth is burly Fassbender supposed to end up as tiny Ian McKellen? Does his power eventually shrink his skeleton?

(Ironically I just looked it up and McAvoy is 3 inches shorter than Stewart and McKellen is allegedly only 1 inch shorter than Fassbender! But the perceived differences are huge.)


Yeah, “Journey to the Line” from The Thin Red Line soundtrack.

The beginning music bit is John Murphy’s “Adagio in D Minor” from the soundtrack for Danny Boyle’s Sunshine.

Does recycled soundtracks pull you out of the moment when you recognize them? Friends have complained that anything by James Horner and Hans Zimmer (especially the Inception horns for the couple of years in trailers) have ruined trailerwatching for them.


What continuity errors? “Wolverine is now the main hero of X-Men”… That’s the new continuity. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like Cloud Atlas meets Watchmen.


the trap door in the oval office reminds me of the Mr. Burns’ trap door in The Simpsons.


I know I heard that song before… Sunshine was awesome.

I know Singer want to pull a technique I forgot what (but there was a term for it) but like playing a classic song when bombing in a war movie, or ‘Unforgetable’ at the intro fight scene in Watchmen (which is nicely done) or the song Dream Dream Dream (?) at the end of latest Freddy Kruger film (which also well done)…

Yet… it doesn’t work here. Maybe wrong selection of music. Maybe the music doesn’t fit the scene cut? Its not about the song being recognized, since there is a lot of song that can be used for a lot of trailer. I’m sure Cracked have a list of that.

But… it just doesn’t work here.


But it does feel a bit cheap and cheating when its a soundtrack from another film.
I bet the next Star Wars trailer won’t be using Has Zimmer . :scream:


I got it!

TVTrope says it’s soundtrack dissonance

film school called it couterpoint

“The music works in counterpoint to the images on the screen.”

That, does not work in this trailer. Either they need to pick different scene, or different song.


Sunshine soundtrack seems to be the #2 most (over)used trailer music, after Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. It does pull me out of the moment for sure, wish they had some original music.

The trailer does look underwhelming but the movie seems like it could be good. I am thankful that they are bringing existing casts together instead of doing “restarting” things.


I’d like to see some squaring away with how Xavier took a bullet in 1970, making him paralyzed with Magneto splitting the factions… only to have Xavier walking fine with best bud McKellen in 1985.

I like the current Dead Rising TV commercial. So happy together…


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