First trailer for Ang Lee's "Life of Pi"


CG animals, CG oceans, CG everything, both subtle and unsubtle, and native 3D:




Simply gorgeous!


Looks really fascinating, like a weird mash-up of Tintin, Where the Wild Things Are and The Black Stallion. I’m there.


I’ll probably get bashed for this, but… when I was watching, I just couldn’t stop noticing the green screen background composting behind the actors all the time and it just kinda took me out of the experience…

the book was great, though…:stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait for this! Reading the book again currently and the 3D trailer in theaters look great. It is a flight of fancy so I’m glad it’s kinda hyper-real.


Is this movie going to be 3 hours and 14 min?


Saw the 3d trailer in front of Prometheus. Honestly, I thought it looked pretty dumb, 2 min of nothing happening on a boat.

I keep hearing how great the book is though.


Havent liked the Ang Lee movies I have seen.
I rarely fast forward through a movie but I ended up doing that with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
And the Hulk isnt on my top ten for the year.


Ang Lee looks like he brought his A-Game to this show.

Looks like it’s going to be a very good movie.


Ang Lee is one of the best directors out there when it comes to subtext and human drama. I can see why they hired him to direct this adaptation. I can’t wait to see this. I just started reading the book not long ago, but have been too busy to continue with any kind of sustained reading recently. Now I wonder if I should read the book or watch the movie first.


Too much visual FX for my taste. The boy also look too old for my taste. The book was fantastic and I would have appreciated a more “realistic” feeling to the cinematography. Now it look more like an Aladdin movie!

Still, hopefully, the movie will be great anyway.


It looks like a good story with some great effects, and not the usual ton of effects with no story. I look forward to seeing this one.


Finish it! It’s an absolutely wonderful book. I’m excited about the film purely because it’s a fantastic story and if only half of it makes it onto the screen it should be a winner.


FYI it was all Bluescreens, no Greenscreen work at all.




If everything but the boy is digital then I am impressed. I do see some green in his hair in spots though. Still, this has to be the best I have seen as far as animals are concerned. It seems there will not be much dialogue in this film.


Big lulz.



There must be another Ang Lee I don’t know of then, one other than the Ang Lee that directed the first Hulk, Crouching Tiger and so on.

I would be hugely excited if this was being directed by anybody else, given it’s Lee, I’m now mildly concerned that a rather unique and interesting book of modern years is being given to someone who has a track record of doing barely alright when locked in into a script and having producers and actors helping him, and a parallel track record of brutalising every adaptation he’s been given a shot at.

Why couldn’t it be Fincher or Nolan?! WHY?!


How many of his other films have you actually seen, or seen at an age when you were old enough to appreciate the emotional subtext of the story (meaning you saw them as a mature adult, not when you were still a kid/teenager)? (Sorry, I don’t remember how old you are–you might be older than I think you are. And this isn’t meant to be condescending in any way–just that some of his movies are quite old, and often we see movies when we were younger and couldn’t understand/appreciate them, but later as adults saw things in them we couldn’t have appreciated before.)

Lust Caution
Brokeback Mountain
The Ice Storm
Ride with the Devil
Senses and Sensibility
Eat Man, Drink Woman
The Wedding Banquet
Taking Woodstock
Pushing Hands

And all of these other films aren’t in the action/adventure genre, and are generally much better films than his only two action/adventure films (Hulk, CTHD).

Ang Lee was never an action/adventure director–he’s always been about human drama and emotional subtext.

Neither Nolan or Fincher have the emotional sensitivity of Lee, although they are both better action/thriller directors.


I’ve seen a handful of those in my late twenties and early thirties, and still find him overrated in general, and downright awful when it comes to adaptations.

When he has a budget he does ok at best if kept in check by studios, particularly on the visual front (brokeback mountain), and when the material fits what he’s good at dealing with, but historically he’s a horrible visual director (and this is a visually involved movie) and he’s never quite managed to work well in adaptations, is known to be a really bad communicator, and to feel quite challenged when it comes to understanding Western storytelling and Western interpretation or presentation of Eastern cultures.

Everything that is bad in his bigger budget movies was all stuff he adamantly insisted in making the way it is, against every grain that was brushed on him.

Life of Pi, IMO, is definitely NOT what I’d pick him for, or what I’d pick for him.
Go read the whole book and talk to somebody who actually worked with him, you might come out with a different perspective on this, or maybe not :slight_smile: