First time posting, included some work


Been browsing theese forums on and off for some time now, thought it was about time to add something myself.
Included some of the 2d work I have done in photoshop, normaly Im trying to become a 3d-slacker , growing grey hairs in school, so 2D isnt realy my area of expertise.
Oh well, feel free to comment, and…hai people! :slight_smile:


A wallpaper for a site that no longer exists:

And a nekkid lady, for this one I looked at a photo while drawing:



mmhhhh, really nice, I like it.

why don’t you add some kind of background? The color of the wings is almost the same and that makes your drawing look a bit boring.

But again, really nice job.


Nice work!! Your style and aesthetics are nice, but a few technical comments (these are purely personal, so maybe not exactly technical :slight_smile: ):
The nude could maybe do with a small amount of background detail, doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, maybe just a suggestion of cloth or whatever she’s sitting on, it would help give her a convincing sense of weight.
Also, I’d like to see a little more variation in colour in the skin tones, remember you don’t have to (and in my opinion shouldn’t) have to stick to traditional skin tones when painting skin. Subtle tints of blue in the shadows, and shades of warm colours in the cheek and breaat can hlp breathe life into a painting. If you study a lot of successul nudes you’ll find that there’s actually a good variety of colour going on that combines to give a convincing impression of skin.

Hope this helps and keep posting!!


thanks for the comments guys!
I realy dont know yet what to use them to, they are drawn in the joy of having a tablet for the first time :slight_smile:
Especially the nude one, It was a misstake to look at a photo while drawing it, get so stuck when it comes to ideas, hate her hand :confused:

You are surely right about the comment in skincoulor, the one with wings ( I call her Elise, cause i want a lotus elise :slight_smile: ) looks like her legs are swollen.
I will correct it, have a couple of weeks of lifedrawing ahead of me in school so it will come in handy.


welcome aboard girl . . . it’ll please the other female we have on cgtalk that she isn’t alone anymore :wink:

so ehm . . . if 3d isn’t your expertise and they look THIS good . . . I wonder what you’ll bash our heads in with when it comes to 3d . . .

oh, btw, my neighbour has a lotus elise out front, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, see if you could steal it from him :wink:


Really sweet!:applause:


Really nice!

I think she looks great allthough I would have loved to see her having larger wings… Anyway I think the overall feeling is great!
ooh… one thing, she seems to have short and a bit big/fat legs, it feels a bit out of place…



Nice! My only crit. is the front foot. Looks kinda strange…

Ohh! I just realized you’re swedish :o . Hej hej…


hej hej från götet :slight_smile:

tanks guys!
Could the “chubby legs” be the difference in skincolour between the upper body and the lower?


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