First Thoughts (Demo Release)


Holes in the mess? You mean those triangles? How can you say that, these are triangles.
You can optimize what you want in v9.012 but those triangles don’t go away. There is really no nned to optimize in this example, so I don’t understand your suggestion.
These triangles that are created after deleting those 2 points are 100% polygons.
Just try every tool on them to confirm this, even object info says that the object has 4 polygons. So the bridge tool should close that last gap without giving problems with bevel.

See, in R8 you’ll have 2 polygons after deleting 2 points. That means I have to bridge those two triangles myself. Then after bridging the other hole and using the bevel, I won’t notice any holes.

I dont get that result either.
What result?

Mmm, and I thought I was putting a LOT of effort into it to make everything very clear, step by step… guess not

Again, I add a cube in R9, make editable, go to points mode, delete 2 points (then you’ll see those 2 triangles appear) and then I bridge the open hole by bridging left/top to left/bottom and right/top and right/bottom. Then I go to edge mode, select all and then I use the bevel tool and when I slide left and right while holding the mouse button I see the openings appear.

Now you guys tell me why I see this on my computer XP SP2, my wife’s XP SP1 and my son’s Win2k SP4 and none of you see this behaviour…
Sorry, but I don’t believe word of it, that is if you follow MY steps.

If you guys start to include steps that I never did, well of course then there is the risk to get different results. So my request is; please read very carefully what I wrote. (I know, it takes some talent)

I’m sorry, but for me it’s a BUG, since I’ve tried this on 3 machines now and every time I have holes in my mesh when I use bevel.


I don’t know why it happens but it happens to me too.
But if you bridge your points horizontally instead of vertically it won’t happen.
Weird… Try it.


Yep, happens here as well. Twilight’s suggestion of bridging the points horisontally doesn’t create holes, though. Weird indeed.



Mmm, and I thought I was putting a LOT of effort into it to make everything very clear, step by step… guess not

Its’ completely clear. You just caught yourself a nice bug. Don’t forget to report it :wink:




Same here, doesn’t create holes if you go horizontally


Ok, now I understand why it is; when you bridge left/top-left/bottom , right/top-right bottom, then you need to reverse the normal. Of course I don’t have the problem when I start at the bottom. Must have to do where you start bridging in the coordinate system. I always thought that going around the clock was the way to do it, I guess I was wrong or soemthing has changed. Anyways, problem solved (for me at least). Thanks for your help guys.


Done some testing as well, and it seems to be a question of going either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the hole while bridging.

clockwise = normal will face outwards as desired
counter-clockwise = normal will face the “wrong” way

… and bevel simply doesn’t know what to do with the corners when the normals are inconsistent in the polygons involved in the bevel operation.

This is also, kinda, confirmed by the description of the ‘create polygon’ tool in the R8 manual, which states exactly this: clockwise or counter-clockwise determines the direction of the normal in the resulting polygon. These are two different tools obviously, but they do more or less the same operation (at least in vertex mode), so I’d say it’s safe to assume they work the same way internally.


When using the new bridge tool, you need to make a path like a square wave form:

top left
top right
bottom right
bottom left


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