First Thoughts (Demo Release)


Man, this is so exciting. I’ve been seriously neglecting my work-related and husbandly duties. Laundry goes unwashed, apartment untidied, web site mockups untouched, etc. Soon the wife will be home, and I’ll have to explain how a team of Germans took away all my time!

“Please honey, Srek bewitched me with sub-polygonal displacements and isoparms!”


I did a few tests, both with rendering, loading scenes and moving in the viewport, and sadly there seems to be no difference in speed with the G5 optimization.I was hoping it might be! Oh well…the rest looks great though


meant to add-maybe there was no difference in speed because it’s a demo version?


I know somebody from Maxon has to read this.

Please, please don’t destroy the function of Inner Extrude and Extrude.

No matter how hard I try, it just won’t do what it used to do and although seemingly small, it’s an annoying problem.

*Please don’t reverse the function of InnerExtrude.
*Again, what happened to the sharp 90° curve when extruding at 180°

Sorry to post twice. But this alone is a serious enough modeling defect, that I’d be forced not to upgrade. Can appreciate the fact that this is an early demo, but please tell me it’ll be fixed.


Yes, I’m curious about this as well. It’s a function I use constantly.



same with the extrude and inner extrude thing. I could use some more drastic words to describe this but i will keep calm for now. This needs to be switched back to the old mode. I can’t see any use of these new behaviors of two of my most loved functions.

Anything else is really great. Workflow tools finest quality. Love this ne cloth stuff



Cloth is genuine fun, i’ve been playing with it all day long. I’m loving what it can do.
What it can be used for, is a very very powerful kind of ‘metaball’. You can edit for organic modeling.
I do hope somebody writes a plugin in the future based on the ease of Cloth. Good going guys.


when you are in point mode you can use stitch and sew to get the same result as point collapse. make sure you have no points selected (otherwise stitch and sew tries to use those) and just drag from point to point to collapse. if you hold down the control key then it collapses to the midpoint.

cheers, simon w.


I had a problem with the HUD display. The HUD Will be visible just in the Perspective view. Other views , The HUD Will be displayed As a White box??? Anyone has this problem?


unfortunately they don’t. if there is anything that you believe is a bug in the demo then you should e-mail maxon directly to make sure that they receive your report rather than relying on them maybe reading a post in the forums.

this would be the only way to get information passed onto the people that matter (i.e. the programmers) so that it can be fixed before release.

cheers, simon w.


for point collapse/weld, there are a number of ways of doing things

you can use the slide tool and hold down shift (like in mesh surgery, only in r9 it will only weld to the end point).

you can use stitch and sew

you can select a couple of points and use the weld commend (click on the point you want the points to weld at)

you can use collapse on a point selection.


't Has been forwarded to the right place and people at Maxon. But Simon is right, if you think something’s wrong, go to the website and fill in the support form.



cool, so i dont need point collapse anymore!

Hey guys is anyone elses navigation a bit unreactive - 8.5 works fine but 9 is not being so responsive (in the viewport)


Yeah - doesnt seem as smooth or responsive as 8.5 to me - thought I was imaginging it, but with both open, it’s there.


Same here - that’s a big step backwards - I hope it’s something I am overlooking, or it’s a bug that can be sorted, but these tools are not functioning correctly/as they always have. :confused:


Glad its not just me :eek: :slight_smile:

Ok another question - the cloth is great and sooooooo simple to use - heres my prob though - i put the cloth on my Lamborghini and it works fine except for the fact that the windscreen is a seperate object so the cloth ignores that, even when adding an additional collider tag - do i have to combine the windscreen and the car body into one object?

Example (that black splodge is the windscreen)


You gotta figure that the highlighting is going to cost you something. I find it annoying anyway so I keep it off. Then if you use lines for selected objects and children, that will cost you yet more. Though I haven’t done any comparative tests, I reckon that setting up display settings that are more in line with what you have in 8.5 should give you back some speed.


I found out you need to make your car 1 polygon object in order to make cloth work:

This piece of cloth is a 30x40 subdivided plane, calculating took 15 minutes (real quick). My only problem was that when I used the Hypernurbcloth plugin it looks significantly less good than when I just extrude the plane and put it into a normal HN.

Pitty I can’t save :frowning:


for me it is unresponsive with one object 552 polys - object mode so no polys, points are beng highlighted no wires etc just the model in quick shading mode

EDIT - Scrap that it is unresponsive with a 24 poly cube…

odd that it shold look better with HN rather than CN! - so you do have to make it one object then


Last thing for tonight -

when i am in object mode or model mode (still not completely sure what the difference between those 2 is - have been putting of studying the manual properly for a while) in R9 the wire or mesh shows through - this is quite annoying and unnecessary - when i am modeling normally i am in point, poly or edge mode and then i view my progress by switching to model mode and i see the model with no wires on, a clear view - in 9 - i have to click away from the object to be able to view my model clearly and the if i rotate it the axis is no longer on the model itself aso i cannot easily spin it

What is the answer?

There must be one - i could not deal with this if i have to click off the model to view it with no wires attached - i wouldnt bother upgrading even - but im sure there is an answer :slight_smile:

oh yeah example - left 9, right 8 both in model mode - can u see what im talking about?

EDIT - and when the HNurbs parent is selected it looks like this - (see 2nd pic) - what is the point of this i do not understand - in 8 i would just see the model on its own

EDIT v2 - just found out that i can display the isoparms when the HN parent is selected, but still i would rather not see any wires

Note - i always found it funny how the forum just goes to sleep at this time evn though people from all over the world are members here :))