First Thoughts (Demo Release)


Found the modes, thanks :slight_smile:



I found a quick & easy way to hang R9. Try using the deformation brush on a hypernurbs object of any significant detail. That’ll do it. :slight_smile:

OT: I like the codename for this version. Hydrogen. Lemme guess, next version will include hardware rendering and they’ll codename it Mercury. :slight_smile: Would be funny if they did though.


The SPD fur scene is just SICK. It was fast and I didn’t even feel the memory drain, like I do with other displacement functioning apps. LOVE the HUD.


Just a note, the current DEMO is a “special” version, i.e. its an early release version. I know for a fact the above mentioned problem does not exist in the final release version, because I fixed it :smiley: the current DEMO is good for a quick see of whats new, but keep in mind its an early version.


Obviously, I have no other frame of reference and could therefore not be making a judgement of the final release version. My comment, as it relates to R9, has to do with this demo and nothing more. Same as most everybody else in this particular thread.



Anyone else getting strange artifacts with the Banji material in R9 demo?

Could this just be a side-effect of the render limitation, as I can’t see the “transparent maxon logo” that is supposed to attach itself to all materials. The artifacts seem to be in the reflection channel of the Banji material. Doesn’t happen with the same file in R8 with exactly the same render and Banji settings.

I will be very happy to be told I am doing something mind-nubbingly stupid here.


Damn…very tasty…cloth is amazing…if and when maxon updates dynamics, they need to take a page from mocca’s cloth book…easy, responsive…wow

and SPD… oh, man, oh, man, oh man


somethings wrong with mine - the navigational controls are not very responsive…

How do i turn the isolines polys off - not the ones i am editing but the smaller subdivided ones showing through in the mesh


I like the fact the view ports are now named … perspective, top, right, front and they are see through. thanks a million Maxon !!!

I like it.


Hi Obeardy,

Being a software engineer myself (3D graphics is a hobby), how did you manage to end up programming for Maxon? I didn’t realise they used freelancers, particularly those based in the UK. Hope you don’t mind me asking.




Just a little fun with SPD…


Facial hair - good one cookepuss!

Even though C4D now supports ngons - its seems a shame that when you delete an edge the polys disapear rather than just the edge (maybe im missing something)


Have you tried using Melt (RMB)?


when i’m in isoline display, i select an edge and I try to do a loop selection, and it turns of isoline and doesn’t even create the loop ??


Not all tools will work with the isoline editing, when they can’t work with it then during using that tool it is automatically turned off.


melt seems to just make the edge unselectable

Wheres Render Safe gone???


Render Safe can be found by: Viewport > Edit > Configure. Then check the AM and pick the view tab.



Its official - point collapse doesnt work - see pic :frowning: - my fave plugin - is anything like point collapse intergrated into 9?


Don’t know what point collapse plugin does, but you might want to try the collapse command in the functions menu - perhaps that’s what you’re looking for.


A first test with MOCCA 2 - made by Steph3D over at