First Thoughts (Demo Release)


It’s looking nice, it’s a little overwhelming at first, the colors throw me off a little.

Just playing around with the Modeling tools I noticed the ‘Inner Extrude’ tools function has been reversed and mixing with ‘Extrude’ at a 180 degree angle doesn’t have the same effect as in 8.5. Odd.

First impression is Super Sweet. I’ll have to get used to the workflow though.


Change the colors in the Preferences > Common > Scheme. I think the standard setting is Blueberry. I personally prefer Glow, but there’s enough options for everyone :slight_smile:


A nice little feature in the View window menu is a Light display gizmo.


I like this version, now let’s load in the plugins and see what works.


First thing I always test with new releases is the workflow, I need to know for practical reasons what’s changed.

This is my first finding;

No matter what angle I choose… It should be 180, it won’t work the same?



Scrap that. I got it wrong. There’s 3 modes.

Soft Selection (which has many options)

It was just a little funky at first.


I’d say the timeline was a little left behind, but that is insignificant compared to the workflow improvements inplace. It is beautiful programing work. They really seemed to listen to user base on this one.


Wow… I’m pretty impressed. I havn’t had the chance to play with Sub-Poly Displacement prior to using this demo, and I gotta say that I’m pretty excited by what I see. Seems like a great tool.

I’m going from 8.2 to 9 here, and am pretty damn impressed by how great a leap it is. Bravo to Maxon. I look forward to exploring this latest, greatest release much further.


Create a poly object. ClothNurbs it. HyperNurbs the ClothNurbs object. You should have something that looks like this.

|_Polygon Object

Now, try using iso line editing. Can’t. Not for the hypernurbs and not for the clothnurbs. Interesting. Isoline editing is cool, but needs to be expanded. Then again, maybe I’m missing something. I like clothnurbs a lot. It’s a nice, non-destructive way to add thickness. I had to use explosion before.

I really like ngons, but I don’t like how it internally triangulates some surfaces. In some cases, without phong, it makes you want to manually convert to quads and triangles yourself. Not so much a C4D problem. It’s more of a reminder how ngons drive me nuts. :slight_smile:

Love the hell out of SPD. That fur example was just priceless.

So little time. So much more to play with.

Clothilde looks cool, but I really want to hold off until I see a manual. Without knowing how everything works, I only got so far.


There seem to be some OpenGL improvements. However I did notice that if you have a complex object selected, the revealed wires on the object slow down scene movement a great deal.


anyone know how the move new created HUD in center of viewport?


I think you can drag them if you hold the control key, but it might be shift now that I think about it. I only played around with it for about ten minutes so far :slight_smile:


Assuming you mean “how to move”: ctrl-drag. Right-click on the HUD for a bunch more options.


The HUD workflow is awesome. Some many parims to change.

Had to get my rants out of the way first, now on to the good stuff.


How did you access these modes? Can’t seem to find them…



It’s in the toolbar on the left (unless you’ve moved it, of course :)).

Toward the bottom, btw.


Clothilde is great!

Im not an expert on cloth dynamics or anything, but it seems to do what it claims and produces some great effects! Its flexble enough to emulate Bouncing Balls and other fun stuff to.



actually what you’re after is available in the AM once you choose the Live Selection tool. The first mode down.


sweet mother of mike…spd’s are almost better than sex! almost…anyways…c4d finally makes zbrush worth while…threw my cyborg into zbrush…oh joy ren…i can finally get those pectoral muscles i always dreamed of:D


now im off to make a head!!!