First Samurai, Demarus M. Rogers (2D)


Title: First Samurai
Name: Demarus M. Rogers
Country: USA
Software: Illustrator

Created in Adobe Illustrator as the first in a three part story of a Samurai named shinsuke. All Illustrator as usual, no sketch just jumped in and threw on some samurai champloo soundtracks!!
Ran out of energy a little on the hands but i will try to submit or link to a zoom pic on his face…thats where the most detail is…i believe.

comments and critique are most welcome!

The Illustrator Warrior Returns!


fantastic style and very good work with this software. I hope make the same one day ; Illustrator is so a powerful tool.


I’m diggin’ that style! It sort of reminds me AfroSamurai. :thumbsup:


Wow thats amazing. I had no idea you could do that kind of work with Illustrator. I think Im gonna go try it now. Awesome work.


That’s a good work.Thank you show me so beautiful pic


Nice shading and highlighting in the hair. Great proportions, cool effect flattening out at the bottom. Inspiring, dude.


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