First reel: organic sculpting projects


Hi everyone!

I’d like you to give me some feedbacks :3

I’m working on my first reel, and I need it to be ready for the 18th of May. I want it to be on organic modeling, mostly. So I have three projects to work on: the sculpting of a deer, the sculpting of a humanoid face, and a book that I’ve already made and textured.

I wanted to post here on Level Up to receive feedback to the first two works. This reel is targeting movie studios such as MPC, Framestore and such. I want to do the best I can :slight_smile:

1 ) This is the humanoid head, it’s an androgynous dark elf (it’s my original character). It’s not a common subject and it’s not too much realistic (the lips and eyes are big according to a style), and this could be a problem for the targets of the reel ( studios aiming at realistic modeling). I started making it before preparing the reel, so it was born as a non very realistic face sculpting, and I don’t know if I want to make it realistic because it could lose its specialness. I could try to fix it in a more realistic way but it could need some time to make. What do you think about this?

  1. Moreover, I’d like you to tell me how it looks, if it looks anatomically right, if you can see any mistakes or wrongs, so that I can fix it. Right now the whole sculpt has got 10 millions polys, but I’m still adding details. I’ll make some hair too, with FiberMesh. (don’t really know how I’m gonna put the hair on maya ^^’’’’)

3 ) This is the deer sculpting, right now it’s 8 million polys (still because I’m adding details and I’ll decimate the polys when I’m finished). I took references etc. but it’s still hard to make it. As for the humanoid face, I’d like you to tell me if it looks right by you, if you can find any mistakes or problems (even in the process of making it, anything). It’s meant to be pretty realistic :slight_smile:

4 ) Another thing is, I don’t really know how detailed I should make it. I plan on sculpting it, then do the retopology on Maya, and render it on Maya for the reel, maybe with some zooms on the details too. The thing is, if I need to put the sculpt on Maya I can’t make it too heavy, so I’m asking myself if I can put much details in it. The process for the minor details ( wrinkles, veins ) can be baked on a texture on a still pretty accurate sculpt, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to put some texture on them. So I don’t really know the process… any suggestion?

Sorry if I look confused, it’s my very first reel and I think I’m missing something haha… thanks to everyone who wants to help :slight_smile: