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Hi all…

I am here for the first time…in fact, I have posted here some years ago but only once, so it´s my first post . This illustration was made first as a raugh on paper and later I painted in photoshop…I used some textures along the roots because my stuff ocnsists in using collages, textures, sometimes, brushes…many different things.

Critics are welcome. The end version will be printed in A2 to be exposed as a poster.

thanks all

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It is a great piece of art!
I know your work for over a year now and I believe everyone here will be very pleased to see it.
I took the liberty to post your image on this reply so it makes easier.

Congratulations and welcome back my dear friend !

Wish you the best,


OOps, lil detail here, :slight_smile:
You should post it at Finished work I believe, since it is a complete work.



Thank you very much Edu for the comments and the support.
Ops…posting images is easier than I thought…I´ve just complicated things HA!



oo it’s girl, thought it was a tower or sumthin at first

who’s soul is it ?

what’s the poster for?

something there glowing beneath the roots ? what is it?

i jope my questions weren’t too bothersome, feel free
not to answer them if they were :slight_smile:



Oo, interesting pic. Like squib, I’m interested in the story behind this image. Care to explain?

Good work though! :thumbsup:


Welcome Eye,

This piece is something gloomy & can make me having a sad day. Anyway, u r lucky. I LIKE DARKLY ART!..haha

i actually doubt is that a story bout ur own personality. she looks like having a broad ambition but she is rooting down to stay still for some weird reasons.

Ur art inspire me to think deeply…sometimes, a good drawing doesn’t mean Super/hyper realistic coloring technique…

A “Good” art means it can make ppl starting to think & study wat is goin on inside the picture. Eventually to bring us to join the world into the piece of art. At least this is my own theory.

Anyway, the root could be more detail…hee


Very powerful - incredible sense of lifeforce. The image has a monumental quality to it - it reminds me (in a good way) of “Statue of Christ the Redeemer”. The colour suites the image perfectly - good work and keep it up !!!



oh…thank you very much for your posts. I am very glad that you took sometime to take a look and post your opinions.

Answering the questions about it:

A resume of the history behind is an enlighened heart that now bleeds light points along the body. And, like dinodog_Jr said, she is rooted down someway while she sees her own heart melting…dark concept…my style…well, maybe not so much these days…

Unfortunatelly the light points are small and subtle and can be appreciate in print format only ( poster size…A3 or A2), or in a BIG digital image. Colors are more intense in the print version



great allover work, I like the dramatic and dark appearance with the sparkling little “dots”, also the mood is wonderfull.

now for a few thopughts:
Its not that obvious yet the sparks are her blood, you might try to add a desaturated red maybe to illustrate its blood, a decent red should already add nuf colorcontrast, since it is complementary to your all over green/cyanish colorscheme, and it still should stay quiet goth.
for a better separation from the background, you could try a decent amount of backlight like the litten up edge on the right side of your girls skirt.
the branches of the treepart acually look a bit flat, if you want a ghostlike/etherial effect, its ok, but i suggest to give em highlights in the same lightsetup her roots are illuminated, this should make em look belonging together.
for adding a sligh bit more depht, attenuatuve colorfalloff towards the horizon into a colder greayscale offers to work in in the foreground a few warm greys.

of course these is just my point of view, and i hope the one or the other idea is sort of helpfull :slight_smile:

Keep it up, cheers

ps:i checked the rest of your gallery and i liked it a lot.


Wow! unbelievable work!


oh thanks!

no problem about opinions, specially those about technics…very important to me. Ill consider everything.



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