First Post: Composited Republican gunship


This is my first post I am going to try this out hopefully this will work. This is a still shot of an animation that I am working on. Rendered and animated in Maya, Comosited in After effects. Camera shots were taken with a Cannon GL1 What do you think?



Very nice! I applaud your work


heh, nice job on the shadow in the first one, but your DOF is jacked up in the second, it makes them look about one inch long…


in the first pic, since the light comes from the upper right, shouldnt the wing cast a shadow onto the body of the ship ???

also i think the underside is too bright, which makes it stick out…


Thanks for the info. I agree on the picturewith the three , i actually just copied the original image, scaled it up and added more blur.the animation only has the one in the middle. Thanks for your input.


like this:

and somehow i get the feeling that there is a small black outline on your model… zoom in on the left one of those “eyes”, the one that is in front of the highrise to see what i mean…

check your alpha interpretation settins or maybe blur the alpha a tiny tiny bit to help it integrate…

mah 2 cents…


thanks for paying so much attention to detail. I appreciate it. I have’t quite figured out how to get rid of that grey outline alpha channel issue. Anyways, the link should be fixed now


have you checked on your alpha interpretation in After Effects ???

dont know exactly about maya but most likely it should be on “premultiplied - matted with color”.

if that doesnt work, just try the other one… :wink:

maybe that will get rid of that line.


Thanks alot, i will try it out later on tonight, i have to go to class.


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