First person Rig


I am working a rig for an M16 and the hands for some first person animations.

I am trying to figure the best way to get the hands synched with the weapon. Right now I have the IK handles for each of the arms point contrained to the M16 with maintain offset as well as orient constrained to the M16 with maintain offset. So then I just need to move the weapon and the hands follow perfectly when I translate the weapon, but if I rotate it at all they hands slide about and don’t track the exact motion of the weapon. Like so

The thumb on the left hand slides into the foregrip as it moves to the right side.

Can any of you offer some tips, or perhaps a better method to go about rigging this?


well I got it rigged up better than it was before. I point constrained the IK handles to the M16, aim contrained the M16 to a cube and orient constrained the wrists to the M16. So when I move the cube, the gun points at it and the wrists move and orient to keep a solid grip.

I think it turned out pretty sweet


i’v ben doing some animations for first person shoting game, having some probs with hand and rist orientation the poly there gets overlapping and i’m wondering if there is any fix for that!!?

any ways here is the samples i made


good progress, i’v ben doing the same thing for my game mod heres some samples.


Merged threads to avoid confusion of double post. Just thought I’d let you guys know :slight_smile:


Hey, Mr. F…

I’m just curious why you don’t use the parent constraint in your rig?


u need to use a locator to have the hand orient that then u parent the locator to the M16 cos if u orient the hands directly to the M16 u wont be able to animate ur hand rotation cos they gonna be locked on that m16.

sorry M.E.L i noticed that >_< it wont happen again my bad


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