First modeling!!! . . .


Please give harsh (and helpful) C&Cs. This is my first human model ever, not counting the couple times that i started this on over. What do you think?

The mouth, nose, and eyes are not connected yet, but i don’t want to get too far until i know it’s looking good. The model is Adriana Lima (somewhat unoriginal).


Here’s some source images


I think it’s really good for a first model. There’s some wierd problems around the lips (especially the bottom lips) but you’ve got everything else down pretty good, I’ve also noticed, but it may be just me, that the right eye is further away from the nose than the left eye!?

Edit: Sorry, just noticed that you said that the lips weren’t attached yet.


For beeing first thing you start to feel confident to show here, and first thing you have not started over with yet, it looks really good, even thou, there is something that has’nt caugth the Referance’s Character I can not put my finger on exactly what part that looks odd but I think you should lower the nose / nose tip beacuse, i know of only very few whom has such a “up” nose. Ill be lookin back to see progress anytime soon. Good luck getting further!



burger- yeah, even though the lips aren’t attached i still think there is a problem. they look a little too much like she’s pushing them out, but i think it’s couse of the face around, comments?

mireneye - i think i see what you are talking about, that’s been plaguing me since the beginning, thanks for finding the source!

thanks both for the replies! It’s great to get your first replies to WIP’s, kinda monumental . . . maybe it’s just me :applause:


could you post a wireframe view?


I’m just thinking the nostrils maybe a bit too large.
Keep it up, I think it’s gonna turn out good.


yes, i’ll post a wireframe, but it’ll be a little confusing cause its got overlapping surfaces.

. . . bye the way, ummm . . . how would i get a wire frame image in maya? (dummmmb)


i agree about the nostrils - fixing those as we speak


The head looks good but the key to a good head is understanding the proportion of the features (eyes,ears,nose) and their relationship to each other. Looking at your side view I can say that the nose seems to be angled down to much where the nostrils are. This may be because of your source images. You should use source images that are of the same model. This would help you get the proportions correct.


that’s all for today - gotta head out
i will have some more updates tomorrow - please check back!

thank for all the C&C!!!

good night


hey all, i’ve been updating, but i need some serious help.

Does the skull and neck look to small? I’ve been looking at some other images and made so other image planes using photos of her in different anlges and it looks like the skull is way outta proportion, mostly toward the back.

Any comments?


can’t quite get it


if you place your head model in front of the refrence pictures in your Viewport, youll be able to easily check the proportions :thumbsup:


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