First Lesson, Kerem Beyit (2D)


Title: First Lesson
Name: Kerem Beyit
Country: Turkey
Software: Photoshop

Personal work. I guess the title says it all. I tried to keep the
fog under control a bit this time:) I think it look better that way.
Hope you will like it.

Photoshop CS2, UC-Logic PF1209-Pro Tablet (Approx. 50 Hours)


Great painting!Details are amazing…such an impressive piece!5*:love:


Beautiful!! 5 stars :slight_smile:


Wow that’s a really convincing dragon, when I look at this. it really gives me the feeling they are out there somewhere.

I think the clouds could have been done better, they are to sharp and solid. example

very beautiful landscape :thumbsup:


first lesson very good idea :wink: very good composition and light :beer: Keep it


Very very Nice!!:bounce:

i have one questin though…did u make the landscape in photoshop too or did u use vue because it looks so real :applause:


Always like your works


Impressive landscape!!!


The attention to detail is amazing… Great piece.


A wonderful piece of work.

An attractive title that works well with the illustration. Wow! The pose of the dragon is great, I can really feel the emotion you’ve put into it :slight_smile: The colours are great. For some reason my eyes tell me the shadows of the boulders seems to be a little off, but that’s just me I guess.

My eyes glide from the two dragons up front down from the big dragon’s tail across the birds (amazing flora on the rocks!) to the tall boulders and then finally to the dragon and mountains in the distance.

I like it! :slight_smile: Fantastic work. Ellerine saglik! ^^


Brilliant concept and composition. Nice job.:thumbsup:


Thank you guys.

CGP, I’ve made a basic render to see the lighting conditions and took some textures from it but I made the environment from the scratch.

Syran, you’re right about the clouds… I should’ve used reference but got lazy I guess:)


This is probably one of the best dragon art pieces I have ever seen. Everything about it denotes life and form. The lighting, the color, the textures, even a bit of story…
A master piece of fantacy art.

Five stars all the way.

BTW, I’m fine with the clouds. The focus of this piece is so NOT the clouds that you can easilly not notice their… underdoneness. I do suppose that maybe if some reason comes up that they might deserve a little more attention (like if IFX wants to publish it).


wow! rulez!! )


Great work! :applause:


Amazing work.


Very Beautyfull and touching, i like the subject, until now the dragons where presented only in the light of beeing dangerous and hungry creatures,and now look,a sensible relation between the mother and her calf…very inspireing…at the first look i thought is entirely 3d …:wink:


WOW gr8 work … looks so awesome :buttrock: :buttrock:


Wow, I love this one! Dragons CAN be nice :wink: I love the foliage too, how do you paint it?
5 stars!


Absolutely fantastic image. supreme detail, colour, lighting, composition and such a great idea.

damn you.