First Laptops With 128GB RAM, 6-Core CPU And Quadro P3200 Announced


Good news if you are working in Architectural Viz or similar and the damn 3D scenes are often bigger than 64GB:


This amount of RAM by itself will cost 2000$.


And most 3D software costs 3K to 4.5K even though it should only cost 1K to 2K. Yet people still buy it. A lot of people buy 7K - 10K of 3D software or even more. All of it overpriced.

So what is so bad about spending 2K on RAM if you need it - to open and show an extra large 3D scene at a client’s office for example?

This is for people who work on extra large 3D/CAD datasets that simply couldn’t be opened on laptops at all in the past because the maximum RAM was 64GB of RAM.

In the past your only option was to move an entire desktop workstation to another location to show the large scenes. Or show pictures or videos of the project.

Now you can bring a laptop and open huge 3D scenes to show your client without a problem.

That’s what these laptops are for.


Indeed great news for those who are in need of this. It’s just the price is whopping over 5k for such a laptop. Laptops are not that reliable due to heating. But if one can afford it as a secondary machine, goodspeed.


And what about those laptop by MSI (gt83vr for instance), with dual 1080 and massive heatpipes? I saw one of them rendering on redshift for more 10 hours straight, with the gpu’s staying at around 80-85 degrees all along.
Their cooling system seems to be quite reliable.


MSI laptops are very good. They are made for heavy-duty gaming, and some have very good screen panels as well.

I use a 1060 GPU based 4K UHD MSI laptop to code and test GPU algorithms.

I usually only run the GPU at 30% to 50% load on average though.

Don’t know what would happen if you GPU rendered at 100% load for 72 hours or so.


Thank you for your answer.
I guess I’ll find this kind of info on redshift forums for instance.


The machine gets a little loud with the cooler boost kicking in, but is otherwise fine. We are slowly replacing all our Macbook pros with MSI machines and have done some pretty rediculous things to them in the name of testing. I would venture to say that while heat IS an issue with some laptops (and one of the primary reasons we’re dropping the MACs for mobile computing), MSI really has it figured out. I’ve had the CPU and GPU running at 100% for extended periods of time with no ill effects. They make an impressive rig.


When I say “A little loud”, what I mean is, it sounds like a 747 taking off in a monsoon while rain hits a tin roof. But yeah, the machine stays pretty cool. lol


Hey, thank you for this info. :thumbsup:
The msi laptop I saw was a GT83VR with dual 1080. Yes, I remember the 747 sound, lol.
While the gpu’s stayed at around 80-85 degrees after 10 hours, the cpu however, was reaching 87, which made me ask myself if it would pass the 90 degrees point, which would not be ideal I guess (?)

What are your thoughts? What were your temperatures? And how much max time did you run the machine?


We have had some terrible experiences with another manufacturer, and wanted to make sure we weren’t going to have similar problems with MSI (we also bought some Dell Precision machines but didn’t feel the need to test them like the MSIs), so we went out of our way to really abuse the test models. We took renders that would normally have been sent to the actual render farm and ran them on the laptops for example. In one case, the render ran for a full 72 hours where I’m told the processor temps were running in the low 90’s for a good chunk of the time (the video card temps rarely seem to get above 70, even in video card intensive situations). We did this multiple times. 8 months later, said machines are still running like clockwork.

Your millage may vary of course - I would never recommend someone do that under normal circumstances, but our MSIs (which are actually lower end than the one you mention) are all doing well. Plan on doing another update once we hit a year.


Thank you very much for this insight, very informative.
I think we can say they are reliable lol


Yeah, I won’t mind if I can’t upgrade the RAM on that particular model.


A week ago I had to render one animation in arnorl and used my MSI GT72 laptop to render it. It was working 72 hours without stopping, I increased the speed fans, used one base with fans in bottom and had no problem. Barely used the GPU but the CPU was always working at 100%
With an intel 7700HQ and32GB ram.