First images of Finchers animated film - The Goon


Lovely look. Great to see Blur working on this! Those guys really are rockstars. Will also be interesting to see how David Fincher adapts to working on an animated film… lets hope he brings along all his depth and pacing skills to his producing role.


Wow I didnt know they were making Goon into a movie. Hands down my favorite comic after Hellboy. Screenshots look amazing too.


Wow I knew blur was trying to get a feature film. I didn’t know they had succeeded. And Fincher? Awesomeness all around.


Awesome news if true… but its just a still - it could be a one-off frame to help market the film to studios.

Anyone from Blur wanna chime in, did you guys get the green-light yet?


Is this like all the other movies Blur is “making” (Heavy Metal, Gopher Broke, Rockfish,etc.)?

I remain highly sceptical this is actually being made, as in full production, until I’m proven wrong :wink:



This looks pretty good, i hope it is a feature film, i’d love to see something aimed more at a mature market with a darker theme.

Also i’m assuming that guy is blind since he has no pupils, i dont know anything about the orignal comic so perhap’s i’m missing something here.


[QUOTE=CaptCook]Is this like all the other movies Blur is “making” (Heavy Metal, Gopher Broke, Rockfish,etc.)?

  I remain highly sceptical this is actually being made, as in full production, until I'm proven wrong ;)
  Tim Miller here (creative director at blur) chiming in as requested.  The film is in early development- it has NOT been set up at a studio and isn't in production.  Eric Powell is working on the script and we're doing visual development.  It was our choice to get the film planned out before we try and get a studio involved.  "Early Development" means concept art, some CG animation tests and the script. And Fincher is a producer--as is blur and Darkhorse-- not directing.

To set the record straight for Capt Cook–Blur has never said ANYWHERE or at ANYTIME that we are “making a movie” We avoid hype and ALWAYS speak the truth. There’s a HUGE difference between an announcement that a film is being developed and the film ACTUALLY BEING MADE. And we are careful about the distinction. And to be extra-clear…we’re not even putting out these (or any other) press releases…it’s just media reporting. This went up because Eric was having a big 10th aniversary party and Darkhorse thought it’d be nice to give fans of the comic some eyecandy. I will say though that development is coming along GREAT and I think the Goon will make an awesome film should we be lucky enough to get a chance to make it.

 As for Rockfish and Gopher Broke--those are on the backburner as far as development goes.  
 As for Heavy Metal--we are still VERY actively engaged in trying to bring that to the big screen but don't have it set up.  
 When we actually start PRODUCTION on a film is when we'll announce something.  Until then it's all hard work,  hopes, dreams....cuz that's the way it goes with this Hollywood stuff.  :banghead:


Wowzers, getting a Goon flick would be fantastic. Fingers crossed that we get to eventually see a Fincher/Blur take on the comic.

Any chance of seeing an animated test? Yeah I know the chances are probably slim to none, but had to ask. :beer:


Tim Miller here (creative director at blur) chiming in as requested.
This is why I love CGTalk.

Those images look really great, though I can’t say I’ve ever read the comic. I’ll make sure to take a look at it.


The character Frankie can see with those eyes.
It’s an older style used on cartoon characters back in the day like Little orphan Annie.

These Goon stills look great.I get goosebumps looking at them.
Hope this makes it into theaters.


Only patient, passionate people make films.
Congratulations on Blur’s success so far and keep shining the light for all of us.
Good luck, :thumbsup:


Goon’s the one book that I have never picked up but always mean to. I’m gonna have to now cuz the images look pretty sweet and dead on to the source material.


BLUR are the best in the industry! these guys combined with Fincher?! Crazy. Cant wait to see what they pull out of the bag. :applause:


Thanks for the update Tim… just goes to show how film sites like to extend the truth and add their own to their stories. Really makes a difference when those involved actually make their presence felt - kinda nice way to upstage the writers :slight_smile:

I really hope The Goon production work you fellas are doing pays off! Your work reel prooves you guys are as capable and talented as Blue Sky and Dreamworks except whats nice is that… well you guys seem to be ready to tackle more adult content.

Keep it up!


oddly that goon(poster/promo) pic reminds me of cody from Final Fight.

looks good :slight_smile:



Rumors or whatnot Tim, you and your excellent staff really finally deserve an opportunity for a feature film. It is long long overdue. I think there is no doubt in anybody’s minds of cgtalk, that you would deliver top notch quality and possibly redefine part of the 3D industry. I hope this is the one for you.


Hehe reminds me of a line of mine. “Who doesn’t have a 40 million dollar development deal?”

I’ve seen so many indies come in talking up their current project (which has no money). But swear on their grandmother’s grave that they’ve got a xx million dollar deal lined up if they just finish this one project for free.

I look forward to see which project BLUR snags first. I love the BLUR aesthetic and they tend to be interested in projects I want to see. I really do think they could be the next PIXAR in the ability to be 10 for 10 if they start producing films (They have been with their short films). Of course they have to make one first :wink: But there’s seems to be that all important culture of quality at BLUR that I can’t help but expect to bleed into the story department.


I just saw all the cutscenes in Halo Wars. I must say, Blur’s work interests me more than most movie studios.

And I just read The Goon at Christmas. Can’t wait.


I think this looks pretty ****ing awesome and the look is refreshingly refreshing!



It looks absolutely fantastic!
Just one thing, a still is not enough! :wink:

Congrats to everybody involved