First Demo Reel


Here is my first demo reel. Been meaning to create one for a long time so any crits more than welcome. Its quite general, some animation, some modelling, a little concept art. All I need to work on!!!

Anyhow here it is


I thought your reel was good man!

my only critique was the heels on the first
girl. They seemed liked they had a awkward

Your reel was full of good stuff overall though.


Liking the reel man! Very nice models!


Hey there, nice reel! I do indeed have a few crits, if you’re interested.

The angel woman, while beautiful otherwise, has a odd face. It’s difficult to describe, it’s obviously getting there, but it just feels a bit creepy - don’t take that offensively though, she’s very well done :slight_smile:

The knight is really cool, I really like the model and his overall look! He walks a bit like he’s messed his pants or he’s got a stick up his butt or something haha. I think it’s because of the way he moves side to side when he walks, but never goes up or down. The translate Y (in most cases, Z if you work in games I suppose) is super important in a walk. The up and down movement determine the majority of how the walk overall will feel so I would go back and tweak that. I also think that his feet pause on the heel just a bit too long. I would let it begin to roll onto the rest of the foot quicker. His textures are gorgeous though!

The plane thing was super cool. I loved that and I loved the model! I’m currently working on a piece (on and off in spare time of course) involving a couple F15’s so I really enjoyed that.

For some of the animations, I might not make it constantly rotate around the characters. For the creature right after the airplane stuff, for example, his slower movement got lost in the camera rotation. For his animation, I think the camera should be still or at least subtle and then rotate when you want to show off the model.

Nice work man! A very enjoyable reel overall :slight_smile: So definitely keep it up :beer:


Ah thx, Micah-H,dakotadk810 and JackEbensteiner

               I will rework the feet and face in the next few weeks of the Angel.  To tell the truth I purposefully made around the eyes very dark and protruding veins on the face and body to make it seem a lot more otherworldly, yet perhaps needs more work.  I Again thank you for all the comments I will get to work on them in the next few weeks (in my spare time, I am at Uni).  I checked out your demo reel JackEbensteiner Love the camera shots and the animation.  Great work. The door being pulled open is superb.


very good staff
i like it the modeling is very nice but u need 2 show mre & more the animation ok

good luck


Hi :slight_smile:
I really like your work. I definitely think you have what it takes to be a really great modeler. I have just a few suggestions.

On the first vehicle model, though I think it’s really awesome, I think you could bust up your model a little bit more. Just add in some little imperfections to the design. I recently went to a talk that was held by a panel of Pixar guys and on of the modelers was there. The one thing that he stressed more than anything else was to bust up you models. You don’t want things to look perfect. It just takes a small rotation or a manipulation of a few verticies to really make you work stand out.

The other thing I’m going to comment on would be the walk cycle and the animation that follows that one. I agree with the previous comment about it. Honestly, I think you could leave it with out the walk cycle and just have the model hold a solid pose. If I would guess it looks like you want to be a modeler all the way. You wouldn’t want a beautiful model to be soiled by “ok” animation. But that’s just my 2 cents.

That’s about all I have to say. I hope you make it far in the industry you definitely have the skill for it! Good Luck!!!


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