First character post !...


Hi all,

Hope you like this character?

Its just a sketch at the moment as I’ve just put down the basic shapes.

I want him to look very ‘cute’ !
Problem is i’m not sure i can do cute all that well !!! :smiley:

Any thoughts or tips on this would be greatly appriciated.


Hey there Malcom
Erm… I think he looks more freaky than cute if you ask me! But he does look cool!


I know !!! :smiley:

Thats the problem !!

Do you think its just his facial expression ?

He’s eventually going to have a full facial set up for animation thats why its quite blank at the moment.


He there
he does look a bit freaky
maybe he needs a curl on his head, like a babycurl

keep us updated


Yep, I think it actually is just because of the facial expression. Reminds me of that creepy Ally McBeal baby.
Would like to see this guy animated! :slight_smile:


oooooohhhhuuurrrgggg Shudder !!!

The last thing i want to do is that bloody dancing Baby ! he he


heheheheh… yeah that baby was a tad rank, wasn’t it? I didn’t mean it as an insult to your work though - it was just the same level of creepiness.
At least your guy is wearing proper clothing. And I’m sure he won’t be dancing, hey :wink:


hey malcolm,
thats a nice model u have there. I think that quite large eyes are often used to make characters cute. I would enlarge the eyes by about 300%.



Nice one Eli,

I’ll do that !

Perhaps i should look at some disney characters for the facial proportions.

They seem to do ‘cuteness’ to the extreme !!


just another quick point - cartoon characters usually only have 4 fingers, that might help u in the cutness department also.

and ur right, checking out disney stuff is probly the best idea.



thanks for the feed back.
any more welco0me of course.

I’ll post the update in a few days. :slight_smile:


just cause my colleugue leigh only offers crit and no help, dont worry, there are still people like me in this world. heres a page which will help you to make your babe cute and adorable - cute !!!


Cheers Captain!!

Very helpful indeed.

I didn’t pinch ya Butt !


yes, bigger eyes, a curl perhpas, but also try making the cheeks come out more??



Like that kid. Only if u wanna make it cuter I think u should make him kinda like a candy boy (a bit fatter -especially that flat chin) & less street-kid clothes would also help … I gues.


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