First car... need thoughts...


Hey everyone, I thought I would test out this forum. Seems all my friends come here for everything. Since I just became a serious modeler lately, I thought I might see what its like. This is my frist car I have modeled in Lightwave using all points. I have made one in Rhino last year, but that we will not discuss… This car is supposed to be a pro-street 1966 Chevy II. I know I need headlights and the rims are temporary for now. I don’t think I am going to put license plate spots on it, so I think that is it. There will also be no door handles and morrors and such because it is a race car…The following links are to 2 renders of it and a real picture of the actual car. Please give me your commetns and suggestions. Thanks.


Heh, a unique choice. Looks good so far, needs some texturing to bring it to life though.


Yea, the textures are going to be extremely hard for me. But I will try those…

oh and by the way, sorry, that 3rd URL was supposed to be a real image of a real car. I changed it now. For some comparing…


looking good so far. :beer:

Don’t forget the little things like the molding strip along the side of the body.

looks like you’re using sub-patches to smooth out your model, tweaking your sub patch weight map should clear up the artifacts in the c-pillar and above the rear wheel well. (as well as anywhere else on the car that doesn’t look right to you…)

(I’m using the same method on my clk model :wip: )


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