First attempt at Body Rig and Facial Rig for games


Hey guys, I’m new here and I like the community so far. So I have a female character I worked on for the past few months. It is a body and facial rig that is for video games.
It is available on CG Trader.

Some information about the project:
Eve01 GameReady FacialRig low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.This is a game ready female character with a Facial Rig. For Maya users there are two This is a reference file that goes with the main file. It is better to put it next to the main file. Do not delete this This is the main file you will use to test the rig and do some animationsYoutube videos to see the rig in action:

So any constructive feedback from senior and veteran riggers is welcome and thank you for your time.



Maybe you should try to post some videos and captures about how your rig works and deform because it’s hard to say anything right now just with screens of controllers and bones.



Hey Remi, thanks for the reply . I actually have two videos that shows a bit what the rig can do. I can give you the YouTube links for the videos:

This is the shorter video, it is 4 min long and I had to do a lot of cuts to make it presentable.
The next one is the longer video, it is 18 min long and you can clearly see how the rig is controlled.

Like I said, the entire rig is joint-based only with no blendshapes and it should be game-ready. The next step for me would be to optimize the rig, the model and the future animations I’m working on so it is not taking too much memory from Unreal or Unity.



That’s something working you already have which is good.
I would recommend you to smooth out the skinning deformation for the face and the facial expressions are a bit too exagerated.
Some faces are stretching a lot (especially the brows). With textures on the mesh, it would be too obvious.
Don’t hesitate to watch lots of refrences and analyze the way everything move.
Facials are very tricky, and can seems quickly very akward if it’s not deforming the correct way. I will send to you a link in PM… hope it could help.

For the body, although there is some proportion issues, the rigging part seems to be working properly. Any IK/FK switch ?


Hey, thanks for the advice. Now that I took a second look at my rig, I recognize that I need to smooth out the skinning deformation for the face, weight painting is always something I’m struggling a bit with but I’ll get there. I exaggerated the facial expressions because I wanted to make the expressions clearer but I can see that I need to dial it down . For the body, there is not IK/FK switch, the hand control is for IK movements of the arm and the clavicle control if for FK movements of the arm. I’m not sure if it is the right way to do it but it seemed to be working when I was animating. And thanks for the link to your demo reel; it is inspiring.


Yes, about IK/FK or any other features, it really depends what you need your rig to do for animations so it’s all good :slight_smile:

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