Firefox issues.


Hi all,

I dropped by to see the entries for the Ten Challenge. When I click on an image to see it, I end up with more than half hidden off the right side of the screen. I use Firefox (latest build always), so I tested in IE (which I have not used in years) and it’s centered as it should be.

I tested this on two computers, one running Windows 7 and another running Vista and it’s the same on both. I could not find a post about it so I thought I’d make a post.

Will Firefox be supported in the future?


do you mean when you click an image to see it at full size?

because if the image is larger than your screen resolution (which most of the final entries are for me) they will appear half off the screen as you described, and you need to vertical scroll to see it all. if the image is smaller than you screen resolution it will be centered. but this function works the same on all browsers for me.

does this make sense? if not please, send me a link and/or a screenshot to better understand what you are seeing.


No, I should have been clearer.

When I’m on the page that shows all the thumbnails, if I click on one to open the page before you click to make it full size, it’s mostly not visible. I’m on a large monitor so the pages are a narrow band to begin with. With this, over half is offset behind the border, including the text.

It’s just fine in IE, but in Firefox on both a Windows 7 machine or Vista on my laptop what I describe happens.

I go to the “view all entries submitted” page and then click on one thumbnail, I get this:


I’m not able to replicate this problem.

Please try clearing the browser cache, and disable firefox plugins.

if that doesn’t help, let me know of both the links below have this problem (one is landscape & the other portrait):


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