Fire not rendering through glass?


Here is the shot without the glass:

And here it is with the glass:

The glass mat is a mia_matxpasses with “Glass thick” preset. And the fire are just preset fire effects. I set the particle shape to render in reflections and refractions already, but im no getting them to render. Please help.


check out how many refractions do you have in your Render globals … you need to change the default value ,…


Under the quality tab, I changed reflections and refraction from 2 to 5 and max depth to 10. The settings are the same for photon tracing under the indirect illumination tab. Fire is still not rendering.


I have a similar problem with fur not rendering through glass. Using mental ray, increased refractions and reflections, still not getting the desired product. Probably caused by the same mistake/wrong setting/ whatever. Fiddling with renderer settings, and trying other renderers like Vray to try get a better result. :slight_smile: Let me know if you get anywhere with this, I’ll do the same.


Having similar problems here with fur not rendering through glass. Also using the mia_X material, maybe that’s the problem here? Tried increasing reflections and refractions and scans and all kinds of things to the point where it took hours to render a pretty simple-ish image, and to no avail.

Currently using mental ray for this, as well as maya software, gonna give some Vray thingys a shot, and hopefully that’ll get us somewhere. Let me know if you get anywhere with this, I’ll do the same. :slight_smile:


PFX and Fur will not render through reflections/refractions unless you convert them to polys or MR hair objects first. Standard PFX have no geometry for mental ray to render, and fur the same. They’re basically post-filters, PFX especially.

Convert your PFX to polys first, make sure all your ray-depths settings are consistent between the mia_mat_x and your main render settings, and make sure all objects are “Visible in Reflections/Refractions”.

This isn’t the mia_mat_x’s fault directly. It’s just part of the fun of mental ray!



In the Render Settings, set ‘Auto Volume’ to on or off (the opposite of whatever it’s on now) and that may fix it! That affects how volumes are interpreted.


Yes. I think this’ll do as a solution… only problem… I select my fur patch, go modify>convert>??? how do i convert fur to polys now? lol :stuck_out_tongue:


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