Fire Fighter MS, Loh Yong Kang (3D)


Title: Fire Fighter MS
Name: Loh Yong Kang
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

A mobile suit inspired by firefighters and fire engine~

This fire rescue mobile suit is used for dangerous rescue missions… it can withstand tons of pressure and heat. Its left hand is equipped with a fire extinguisher, while the right hand is inter-changeable with various rescue tools.


Very nice, bravo


Looks pretty cool. But “wacom”? Don’t they make tablets?


@FernandoRusso: thanks a lot man~ =)

@Bubbaloo: thanks haha. Yes, they make tablets, but they’re planning to manufacture mobile suits in the future! ( haha, actually its for Wacom’s Mobile Suit design contest =) )

anyways, here’s the original concept sketch~



That lil guy looks cute, reminds me of Cartman for some reason :slight_smile:


Robot is very wonderful and beautiful colors, but only to be changed back

i like
great work

good luck


@TyroneMaddams: haha thanks! just because it is fat and red? :smiley:

@simyevil: thanks alot =)


Good work, the specularity on the foot and the shoulder looks too much. Also the camera angle and the amount of depth of field influences the feel of scale. The model looks smaller than it is.
Other than that, It looks great! :slight_smile:
By the way good concept! :beer:


thanks a lot for the comments and critiques =)

will take note on the scale next time ! :smiley:


Wow!!the illustrator robot!Amazing!


cute :slight_smile: i like the 2d sketch


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