Fire and smoke together


Hi all can we make a fire and smoke simulation together to produce fire and smoke to get blend together .

Mr Duncan pls sir give yours golden words


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well a fluid solver simulates temperature and density channel in the same grid. If you mean you want two separate grid that interact well you’ll have to cache one out and have that one applied as a field so that velocities effect the other one. but its a one way process.

if you enable temperature in the maya fluid solver then technically the heat will effect the density advection by way of bouyancy, pressure (if enabled) turb etc.

i dont know if that is what you want so maybe you can be a bit clearer?


waooooo such an amazing answer sir i honors yours words sir…Thanks we will be in touch


PLs have a look at the fire i created recently with help of my friend Vik and some my own tweaking


Looks good, seems a touch noisy like you have too much temperature noise or something similar.


It looks good, maybee take down the buoyancy will help it even further. Right now it looks like it is blowing air with high speed at it from below.


old tutorial I just found with few tips, it may help you


Thanks dear Albo for yours kind link this helps me


hi friends i just got a new test is there is not any other way to deal with fire and smoke blending can we go with post productions because if one needs to color correct the smoke how he can uncheck the fire .

guys ther must be some better way to handle i have to admit that while achieving this i did at least 20 to 25 attempts with settings of opacity graph was to much afraid from fluids …


Use 2 containers with the same emitter but turn off fuel and temp on the smoke container and make sure you kill the density with the temp on the first container. Put each container on a separate layer.


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