Finishing up old projects.


I haven’t had any inspiration or new ideas lately so I thought I would start working on some of my unfinished stuff. This should keep me busy while I’m in this funk as I have tons of stuff that I need to finish. This one is called Texas Rangers. I’m still not happy with it but I’m tagging this one for the finished folder anyway and moving on. All crit’s are helpful and welcome. Thanks!


Howdy Tugmaster,

Well, I definately like this one. My only crit would be the shadows. They make everything look like it’s floating above the boards.

Cactus Dan


Hi Tugmaster,

really nice modelling!


Think patina.

Have these things ever been used? Clean white lighting? Things collect game especially out on the range. This is a native Texan speaking so perhaps I am being too hard on you due to my experience. Take your own belt for example. (The one around your waist that is.) How long have you owned it? Chances are it has been stretched, cracked and discolored due to age, sun and what have you.

Perhaps I should have started by saying that I think the modeling is good. It is.

My next criticism is that the composition looks plopped down. I think it is very central and none too dynamic. (Do you look at much still-life painting?) Move my eyes around the rectangle. Don’t draw them to the center like that and give me no way to move around.

I know I am a pain in the airs critic but you did ask for it.

Good work on the whole, I am sure we can all appreciate the effort you put into it already.

Take it easy,


Thanks for the feedback guys. Vale, I see your point. My biggest weakness has always been my texturing and my lighting. Most of my work comes out looking new and clean. I need to work on these things and I appreciate the help and crit’s from everyone.


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