Finished work- please crit.


Hello! First of all thank you for viewing. I’d like to share with you an image that I just finished. Well the thing is that I’m still not sure with all the details, anatomy and composition, etc. If you guys have any ideas, suggestions I’ll be very happy to “hear” them :). Maybe you’ll see something that I just can’t see anymore because of staring at it to much.

Uploaded with

And some closeups

Uploaded with


You might want to read the post I made in another thread, about putting the cart before the horse in one’s artistic development:

That post applies to your situation. You are trying to jump too fast into surface polish and details and making things up out of your heat, before even gaining a proper understanding of human anatomy/figure. This means when people look at your image, they’ll mostly just notice how wrong the figure’s structure looks.


Thank you a lot for your comment. I’m always happy to read some constructive criticism and good advices. I have to agree with you. I’m still trying to learn something new. So I understand that anatomy is my weakest point and I need to practise. I’ll read your posts with pleasure :). If you could just point out some of the major mistakes I’ve made I’d be very thankful.
Once again thank you for reply, take care!


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