Finished Work: 2D, Illustrations come and go?


I seem to have posted a couple of picture to the “Finished Work: 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art” forum, but now they’re missing (I think… couldn’t locate them with a search) and I have a “You may not post new threads” notice that prevents (I think – I am new and green here) uploading finished pictures to the forum.

I get the impression that if a picture is rejected, an email notice comes out to let us know and/or while there are space limitations, we can upload and delete pictures ourselves so we stay within limits. If so, then perhaps this is a bug.

If not, then is this limitation eventually lifted after time or am I blacklisted or ???

I didn’t see anything about it in the FAQs other than a caution not to whine about “where’s my picture” – in which case I may be guilty (and destined soon to be further embarrassed, no doubt).

Any input (and patience with a newbie) would be appreciated.



Is the image showing up in your Portfolio gallery? (you may need to log into the manage page)


OK… part of my confusion is what is a “post” and what is a thread? I have two “posts” in the 3D section, but can’t seem to do the same to the 2D. I had thought I posted the pictures by “new thread” and then uploading a picture via the form. Yet in both the 3D (where I have two pictures) and the 2D (where I believe I have used the form to post a picture several times – but none have appeared), I have a message box at the bottom of the page that says:

You may not post new threads
You may post replies
You may post attachments
You may edit your posts
vB code is On
Smilies are On
[IMG] code is On
HTML code is Off

Is uploading a picture a “new threa”? Or is there some other way to post a picture? (Surely not a reply to a thread with someone else’s picture – or is it?) I hate to monkey around too much and future mess stuff up… HEEEELLLLPPPPP!



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I posted two pictures yesterday (6 hours apart) via

Both showed up in my portfolio gallery, but neither at the “Finished Work: 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art”

I am still wondering if the “You may not post new threads” is correct. Is it possible a cookie or some such thing needs to be reset, or that I am still in the “newbie” category unable to upload without being monitored?

Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated. --DuncanLong


All uploads to the cgtalk gallery are monitored, everyone has to wait for images to be verified.

Portfolio images however do not require verification.


It’s been a week for some of my posts (I think) and 48 hours now on one of these… How long a wait is normal? And is there any contact if a piece is rejected for some reason? I am a bit perplexed if my illustrations are being rejected, and surely would like to know what the problem might be so I can correct it.


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it should happen within 24 to 48 hours, if you have a spam filter make sure you have us white-listed.


The pictures still aren’t showing up - and no email notices that they are rejected, either. I don’t have a spam filter on my computer, but suppose that it’s possible the pictures have all been rejected and every email was eaten by my ISP spam filtering somewhere along the line – but I have serious doubts that all my pictures are being rejected and also have doubts that email notices are not making it to me, given that Leonard’s emails have reached me over the last few weeks (albeit, with the “” mailing address).

I had wondered whether a picture file name with a hyphen might create problems, however the pictures with such names appear at my portfolio without a hitch. I did try posting a picture without a hyphen in the name today… about 12-plus hours ago, so I suppose that will be the acid test in another 36 hours as to whether it might be a hyphen problem. (That picture also appeared in my portfolio at )

I’m sorry to be such a pain with all this, but I would really like to be able to have my pictures seen in the forum as well as my portfolio – and all your help toward my achieving this is really appreciated. --D


If you put your mouse over the links to your images, they’ll show up a number in the URL…

something like;

can you email me ( a list of the numbers of images in the wrong place, and I’ll trace them on monday.


These were submitted to the 2D forum but never showed up:

And here’s one of the pictures that did get into the 3D forum:

Thansk – and by the way: I like the new option to submit gallery artwork to the 3d or 2D forum. This whole portfolio section is really shaping up nicely and it has been facinating to watch those involved field the questions and problems (and do so, so graciously). I really appreciate all the effort that must be going into all this.


Heh, worked out what it was, when we built the new rules page the checkbox was broken (oops) so they were never submitted to the gallery.

I’ll push them back into the queue for you :slight_smile:


Thanks – appreciate it. --DL


FWIW generated emails and “normal” emails always come out of totally different places. Normal emails from us will typically come from, automated emails will come from whatever server is responsible for the page generating it. (For CGP, that’s currently S4. For CGT, it’s S3,4,and 9).


I seem to be having the same issue with these posts:

I put them in my portfolio on Saturday morning and they havent turned up in the 2D gallery yet.



Still no sign of them. Should I just re post?


When I get into work I’ll move them across for you :slight_smile:


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