Finished Sequence from Short Film


This is a just finished shot from my short film. No sound yet, but it’s basically done (if there’s sound, it’ll only be music for this part). Thought I’d share and see what people thought. I’ve posted WIP from bits and peices of this elsewhere on the forums, and may post more as I work on different parts of the film.

Video (Quicktime, Sorrenson 3, 2.35 MB, approximately 15 seconds)

Tell me what you think!



The close up shot of the guy was great!

At first i wasn’t sure what he was hiding from. But then i saw the cool dude in the shadows.

The only thing that needs fixing is making the enemy in the shadows, visible! If you light him in some way, it would make the short great! Plus give the enemy some movement too rather then just stand there really still so the audience will know that they guy is alive and should be avoided.

Have the character antic before the roll. So it looks like he is gaining momentum before his summersault of doom. Have his left arm move some, its taking the same motion as the torso and feels stiff/frozen. In the head, have some secondary before the roll. It would take away the awkwardness of the roll and give it more life.

I love the style of the short. It just needs a bit of animation fix and lighting changed up and BOOM, you got some demo reel work on your hands.

Best of luck!


Looks pretty good. One question I had, is the pilar supposed to move when the guy touches it? It looks like its supposed to be solid but moves a bit when the guy touches it.

Great work.


Akoa: Yeah, I guess I should have mentioned that this is a “bad” movie serial, with dodgy sets, corny acting, and the whole bit. There are lots of “errors”, even in this short sequence . The set being not so solid is one of them. Another is that the gun mysteriously appears from one shot to the other. There’s a fair number of others that only I’ll see, mostly of the ‘They don’t really know what they’re doing’ variety, which help cover up my not knowing what I’m doing, but mostly not in this sequence.

theBIGMAck: You’re right. Someone else told me that the guard character needed more attention drawn to him, and I didn’t listen (I want the back dark and shadowy). In B&W there’s only two ways to draw attention: motion and contrast. Light levels are a lot more important when doing B&W, something I’m still getting used to. Adding lights is easy, given my compositing system (I often render groups of lights separately anyway, then add them in post), adding animation is harder.

The arm not moving is how I do shoulder rolls in reality. I agree that it looks dodgy. It’s mostly the hand, I think. The fingers are so stiff.

Thanks for the comments.


no problem, i forgot to mention that the gaurd character is really awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you need to speed up the roll to make it a little more dynamic, cool stuff though.


uncon: You’re right, but I wanted it to fall a little flat. I’m constantly fighting the balance between what looks good and the fact that it’s a ‘bad’ movie.

theBigMack: Thanks. He’s my first dynamic squash and stretch rig, and there’s a lot of experimental stuff in him (that I’d do very differently now). He’s frustrating to work with because of that, and it’s just my luck that he’s in more shots of the short than any other character and I just can’t waste the time re-rigging. :wink:


I think that in general, the animation could be more snappy, especially in the roll. He seems to roll almost in slow motion.


karabo: Yeah, you’re probably right, but see above. It was an artistic decision, probably a bad one, but there it is. Those B-movie serials are filled with that excruciating almost too slowness, though I think that’s largely era (you see it in even in good films, especially in dialogue and action sequences). Modern movies have conditioned us for speedSpeedSPEED.

In fact, that roll is about 25% faster than the standing rolls I did for test footage. It still doesn’t look fast enough. shrug As I said, artistic (probably bad) decision. :wink:

Thanks for the comments!


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