Finding Missing Maps


Rebusfarm doesn’t accept substance map types and farm software warns about them. rock_02 and granite_01 sbsar files need replacement. There is a Highlight assets button in asset manager but I still can’t find where they are in the opened Mtl/map Browser window. There are several maps and materials but no map that I search for. I could never ever succeed in finding a missing asset this way.
Why on earth is this not as simple as selecting the missing asset and pressing a button to display ONLY the missing map or select the object with the missing map?
Any ideas?


That’s why the Asset Tracker needs an overhaul…

For the time being, install this script:

With this script, you can display ALL scene materials and maps by type, so you should easily find these. Then double click on one of them to copy into the active material slot (or drag/instance in slate) and change its type to something else. You need to do this for each map. Note - in order to see changes in the material/map list you need to either use the refresh button, or re-save the scene and use refresh.


Also, if you have an Autodesk account, make sure to vote for this idea to improve the Asset Tracker, and make sure to add your ideas in the comments :wink:


Thanks Pokoy, I’ll check that out.
How come this select button doesn’t work at all? I’ve always thought I’m missing something.


Hope you find this solution as useful



Well… missing map can be in any places. It can be stuck in modifier or render settings render elements and material editor.
Even Custom attribute on root node it track view can have maps.
Also 3dsMax is smart enough to have only one link for muliple sources.
Back traacking all possible sources in the scene is not easy.

3dsMax 2016 has a builtin function “Remove Missing Assets” in Asset Tracking.
You may try that.


Or… you can edit assetmetadatastream directly with maxscript.