Finding 'Max Displace' for lm2DMV in Maya 8.5



with verbosity set to the highest i still don’t see it in the script editor, as a matter of fact while the script editor does spit out a lot of stuff none of it looks like what i’m used to seeing from previous versios of maya.

i feel like this is a pretty silly question but it’s got me good and stumped.

thanks for all the help,



i have not checked the exact message you are referring to with the La Maision stuff but in general the verbosity menu has been changed to a different location - accessing this helped me get the script editor to show me what I was used to seeing, this may help you…

SO, do a select on ‘mentalrayGlobals’ or just find the node in the outliner - you will find the usual controls under the ‘Rendering’ tab… (turn off Inherit verbosity)

As a bonus tip - some of the settings in the ‘main’ render globals menu for mental ray are not updating or appear to be resetting- (i.e. MultiPixel Filtering) - if you open the ‘miDefaultOptions’ node and go under ‘Sampling Quality’ you will find the ACTUAL settings that mental ray is using for the renders…

please let us know if this solves your motion vector issues…


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