find a node


Hey guys,
I’m trying to import a maya scene and maya shows this warning message:

# Warning: The node 'translation_control_hyperLayout1' still clashed with a node in the main scene.  Renaming to 'translation_control_hyperLayout2'. #

The reason of name clash is that in the scene exists “translation_control_hyperLayout1” and Maya already have a node with the same name.
The problem is that I cant’ find this node in the scene(imported) to rename it manualy.


type hyperLayout in the quickSelect (select by name). You won’t see them in the Outliner or Hyperhgraph by default; their not DAG nodes, and they’re considered Auxiliary nodes. The Attribute editor will let you change their names. Too see them in the Outliner, turn off Display > DAG objects only.


Thanks, for your reply, but I already did this and in the outliner there is no such node.


i think to see them in the outliner you have to go to show-> show auxiliary nodes


Why not do “select translation_control_hyperLayout1;” and it will probably show in AE.


Thanks, it was auxiliary node :wink:
It wont select if auxiliary nodes are hidden. I already tried to select it with select command.


It is working for me.
In hypergraph show auxiliary nodes is off.
Then i create bookmark and run command"
select “hyperLayout
And AE opens node hyperLayout1.


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