finalRender trueHybrid (3dsMax fully integrated renderer) Service Pack 1 Released


Hello, the new finalRender Service Pack 1 has released. See full news at News

SP1 delivers many enhancements and bug fixes that have been isolated and fixed since the first release of finalRender. Service Pack 1 is Version: of finalRender. Please note that those on the trial version can also download the update instantly.

More Speed!
SP1 brings an overall increase of render speed in many situations. Users have seen rendering speedups of up to 20% on the same scenes, when compared to the release version of finalRender. This speedup is more noticeable in trueHybrid™ mode, however, it will also show speedups in pure GPU or pure CPU mode.More 2018 Intergration

Service Pack1 brings a deeper integration and higher stability to 3ds Max 2018 users. finalRender’s scene convertor now works seamlessly in 3ds Max 2018.

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