finalRender 2 motion blur


I can’t seem to get motion blur to work in fr2, even with the preset scenes. I checked all the settings but no go, any ideas?


it’s odd that your preview scenes don’t work, maybe the install didn’t work correctly?

it’s really just a case of adding a moblur tag and then enabling moblur in fr itself (just use the default settings, you don’t need to use the prepass system which is more complex).

make sure you have a motion blur tag applied to your objects, enable motion blur in the camera settings of final render itself, and that’s about it. you cna also add an fr object tag to teh oebjcts in question and enable motion blur there too.


Hi Xeno3D,

I just noticed that motion blur only shows up in the Picture Viewer–not the editor. Did you try that?

Also note that you have to use the fR object tag rather than Cinema’s motion blur tag. That isn’t quite clear in the tutorial unless you look at the pictures.


the propeller scene didnt work here either, i am quite sure that i did exactly as discribed,but not 100% sure…



the cebas forum has the answer to this here



thanks Dann!

is it already running on your farm?



i JUST got my osx order swapped to PC so i can get it installed on the PC renderfarm - i won’t be able to do anything other then render but i guess by this evening i’ll have it running DR on 10 X2’s - and if it can handle it ok then i’ll add another license for 20 X2’s for DR. (will see how the gig ethernet handles it before i go too far with DR as it can start to become a worse performance if too much traffic) but DR should yield pretty good results with the X2’s i would think. i’ll be emailing you later asking for a scene i can test it with ; ) (since i have no way to create FR2 scenes until osx version ships)

also i am starting to ask for requests for users who may want to use FR2 with NET for rendering animations with it (using NET interface to render much less network traffic that way since it does full frame only) but will cost $5000 to add to my small farm so i want to make sure SOMEBODY will want to use it first : )



Hell yeah Dan. That would be cool. When you first mentioned using FR for stills at RK, I thought it would be even better to offer animation rendering w/ FR (w/ the whole GI animation time build up w/ AR and all). Of course, my excitement will be much delayed if I would first NEED FR to make my scenes compatible for rendering… Cuz I don’t have FR… yet?

Sounds cool though,


How does fr motionblur compare to Cinema’s? Is it fast and accurate (with shadows) ?
I usally use Cinema’s scene MB but this adds alot of rendertime.



the motion blur in fr is great. it’s much faster than c4d’s scene motion blur (not much slower than vmb) and gives much smoother/better/more accurate results.


thanks Per. any chance of an example anim with motionblur?



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