FinalFantasy Intro- download


FinalFantasy XII Intro download



Is it me - or are the costumes just getting weirder? :slight_smile:


So are the names. :smiley:


Well that was certainly impressive but as I’m not familiar with the Final Fantasy Universe I have some questions, apologies if they’re stupid:

  1. Why does the main girl look like Buffy
  2. Why are they riding Giant Chickens
  3. Why are they fighting with swords/bow and arrows when they obviously have advanced technology
  4. What’s with that spinning top propulsion system


Actually, the way the katakana’s read is more like A-Che not “ache” as in pain.

lol @ clanger’s questions. It’s not that they’re stupid, it’s just weird, didn’t think anyone’s THAT ignorant about FF. The giant chicken or “chocobo” is one of the iconic creature from FF universe.


SE does it again, mind blowing. As if the wait for the game wasn’t hard enough before :smiley:


Nice intro, usual FF type of affair. It didn’t immediately grab me like some other intros, but man I love their rendering and overall style. It’s all so visually rich and the characters totally have the FF stamp on them… allot of the men have quite feminine looks.

Hope the game is good, seems like forever since the last FF (XI doesn’t count ;)).


Funniest thing I’ve read today. :thumbsup:


Is it me or does the FF franchise get worse and worse with every new installment. And I thought we already saw the bottom with X-2. Jare, jare


Mocapalicious! :slight_smile:

Wow, that was actually realllly boring. Normally I enjoy these but between the hideously bad camera work during the fight scenes and the fact that no character seems to be able to elicit even the most basic emotion, I wouldn’t tell anyone to waste their time watching it. Shame as a lot of it was really well rendered and obviously a lot of hard work went in to it.


the lack of expression seems to be a cultural thing if i recall right from previous discussions. doesn’t make it look more appealing to me, too. technically it’s all very nice, but i totally dislike the star wars influences in the visuals and music. reminds me of an ugly flick about clone wars :wink: brrrrrr…

but bring on the game. gameplay videos are more interesting than an intro anyway. so far it seems they have really changed the battle system. not yet sure about it, i enjoyed FFX’s turn based combat very much and disliked FFX-2’s hectic realtime fights.
any release date for the PAL version yet?


I don’t believe that it’s just the FF franchise though. Ever since Enix & Square came together ALL of their games have become ‘questionable’. When you can’t easly relate to a character then the design is “iffy” at best. Frankly I think SquarEnix is trying far too hard to appeal to the female market and is completely missing the point and losing thier audience because of it.

Another thing that has begun to bug me is their environmental and ‘style’ city/building designs. It’s feel like it’s devolved into the same coastly broque style for every game. That’s fine when it’s once in awhile, but not every stinking game!! Yeah I know it’s style is bias, because of the national mind bend of blue water/beach = paradise, but gods enough with the freaking coastal towns, vast crystalline blue ocean and clear blue sky! It makes it kinda emotionally pointless when winning the game doesn’t “grab you” with awe like it did 5 minutes into the game 50 hours before. Damn you Star Ocean 3!!


I played FF way back on the super nintendo with FF2 - all the way through to FF9.

This intro video intrigues me - looks like they’re going back to the FF roots - I just might have to pick up on the series again.


Is she picking her nose?


Hehe. I think people say that every time they come out with a new FF (except for maybe FFX-2…). When FF9 was coming out, Square was “going back to the roots.” When FFX was coming out, Square was “going back to the roots.”

But that had some pretty nice CG work (although I’d agree with the comments about facial expressions). Must say though that I’m getting just a bit sick of SquareEnix’s character design style…


Then you would know that the Final Fantasy II released in North America was actually Final Fantasy IV. Also Final Fantasy III in North America was Final Fanasy VI. Therefore you probably only played IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, which is less than half of the series.
I enjoyed a lot FF X and although at the beginning when I played the demo of FF XII I was a little dissapointed, because they tried to get a “MMORPG” feeling, now after playing the actual game I think it’s a masterpiece; extremely well crafted.
About the intro, technically great, although I didn’t feel as excited as with the previous titles. I think the inbetween movies are better, though.


Dunno about other people, but when I saw FF8, I was like “WTF is that?”
I enjoyed FF9, it was a bit closer to the roots experience.
10 and anything else after I never was interested in at all.


Yeah, I’m aware of the whole crazy numbering system.
I’ve played IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX… I think thats enough to say I’m a veteran of the series. :smiley:


I really like the architecture in the video, the battle was a little too much star wars for me to, but at least they keep it to the basics in the ground combat. It would be great if the 13th installment would go back to the FF7 charcter style, something like the FFVII Tech Demo on PS3, that would be awesome. As for emotions, I find this trend going through everything, from movies to games, it’s hip to be cold. However, FFX shared the same “problem” but the characters expressed their emotions through actions and dialogue instead of facial expressions, I found it very rewarding for the player (me) to go that way instead of painting it on the screen. Guess it’s a matter of taste, but as long as the story and interaction is good, there’s really no need for facial expressions to be overly obvious.


I was never a fan of the ff8 team. I’m not sure, but I think ff8 and ffx had the same t9am of developers, they the same feel. I’m a fan of the series and was really trying to avoid buying a ps3 just to play the games as I wasn’t going to get one otherwise. Anyways I’m so disappointed with the game, after all that hype i was execting something better than ff9 and 7, instead I got ff8 with voices and a different story. Of all the ff’s, eight is my least favorite. I haven’t even finished ffx and instead i am playing kingdom hearts. Thats never happened to me before, I’ve played almost all the ff’s since IV and the only ff’s i can’t stand playing are ff8 and 10, otherwise I’m like a fiend I hardly sleep. When ff9 first came, I was still playing ff6 and I promised myself I wouldn’t touch ff9 until I beat ff6, luckily I was at the end and I was able to beat it that night and played ff8 all the way till the next day.