final3 modellingSuite v 1.0


If you want to model a car please put on the frontView (example MaYa) the Profile of your car like in this picture:


On many file i saw some unappropriate fronView-Picture so i recommend to use in the forntView the Proflie from your Auto.

May be are you asking yourself… why?.. The answer is:
Just a Car Design standard.

Have fun...



Well, as we’ve figured out on msn you use the sideView as a frontView :slight_smile: (car design)
The user can choose to use images from the side as a front of course. Anything the user find best for the project really.



i love this tool. it works great for my poly work flow. is it possible to great a mirror scipt that works the way with sub d’s



I wrote down your request :slight_smile: Thanks for using the tool, a reason for upgrading it :wink:


Thanks Martin!



thank you. definitly keep us posted on the upgrade will be looking forward to it.



annaleah: Np. :slight_smile:
wdaniel: Check this thread. I’ll post news in it when they arrive :thumbsup:

Planned features for the upgrade:

  • Rewrite the modellingShader part including a deletebutton for single shader so you can delete e.g. shader nr. 2 when you decide you need nr. 1, but not nr.2. Just have to figure out a way to sort the naming of the remaining shaders and how to rebuild the UI when a shader is suddenly missing :slight_smile:

  • A whole new cutting tool for polygonal modelling. Not new to 3d, but to Maya (I think)

  • SurfaceShader for the refPlanes.

  • Look into the mirror for subDiv. I might add tabs for poly/subDiv/nurbs.


News: Submitted the suite to highend3d.
–> linkz0r



The refplane setup and quickshader for modelling is a handy tool. My students will like them alot i think.

Would you care to elaborate a little on the cutting tool ? What other 3d app have it and what new does it bring into mayas toolset? Im a bit curious since ive seen about any cut/split variation there is so far implemented in maya more or less i thought.

Regards / Mattias Svendsen


Teachers bringing my tools to their students :slight_smile: Cool…
I would like to keep the info on the splitTool close to my heart a bit longer because I fear someone else will script it before me if I blurp it out here. (Because I don’t have time to upgrade right now) :stuck_out_tongue: Surprised someone didn’t already really.


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