final3 modellingSuite v 1.0


Howdy cg people.

I just released my new modellingSuite and I would like to share it with the cg talk users.
What this script can do:
–> It will set up the reference images for you
–> It will build shaders you can model with and also build a transparency control for the shaders.
–> Created a custom mirrorGeo. Nothing wrong with maya’s built in one, but I used it all the
time so I wanted to create my own layout for it and I included an option to smooth normals there. In later versions other mirror tools will be there.

You can download the script here:

There are some videos avaliable for download that shows you what the script can do. There is also a video explaining how you use the suite to source the scripts you want to use.

here are the videos: (sorensen 3 and techsmith codec needed) (ignore my english grammor :wink: )

First video is downloadable via torrent.Please host it if you have downloaded it (9 kb) (1.5 mb) (6.6 mb) (4.1 mb)

Please use this thread or my contact form for suggestions or bug reports. I am working on the script for next version already, but all kinds of feedback are appreciated.


ehy looks cool !! :slight_smile:



if you’re using firefox, the page won’t load correctly, and none of the links will be visisble – i guess you have to use internet explorer…

Mikademius – i hate to tell you this, but “modelling” should be "modeling (one L) :smiley:

thanks for the cool script…


Depends. Modelling or modelling is spelles both ways in several places :wink: Was it in maya I first saw it with two ? I’ll look into the firefox thingie:)


Good work mister. :smiley:

It’s spelled “modeling” and “modeled” in US I think… and with two L’s in britain I guess.
But hey… we’re from norway… what do we know. :smiley:

Next time go “modelleringsShader” mika. :wink:


hi …thinking of sending you an update and i just caught this…the spelling thing reminds me of a thread last fall…started out about how to spell modeler for someone’s resume…ended up about 70 posts later about beer in belgium…i was of course avoiding my math at the time as i am doing right now…ah, yes the semester has begun and i have my first exam in two days! but, did some Maya over the past week and will be in touch with you as the semester progresses!


francescaluce: Thanks, try it out :wink:

amannin: The spelling could be changed if it annoys people :slight_smile: British people drive on the wrong side of the road too :smiley: When you say the page doesn’t load correctly, do you mean the entire page or just if you click the links? And have you tried right click- save target as?

bash: Hehe, yeah. We’re neutral and can do whatever we want :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for all the beta hazzle Christer

reven: Hi reven :slight_smile: How’s life? I hope this thread does not end up discussing belguim beer :beer: Look forward to hearing from you at camp :slight_smile:





okay — completely scratch that firefox issue — i dunno what happened the first few times I loaded your page, but it loads just fine now :smiley: — how weird…

i haven’t tried out your script yet, but i’ll give it a shot sometime this week – looks great


nice script Mikademius:thumbsup:
thanks! :slight_smile:

several suggestions:
change the lambert shader to an surface_shader (with the transparency to 0.6) to eliminate the irregular ilumination and also use a switch node to make fewer nodes in the hypershade…


Mfunky: weee :slight_smile:

amannin: Firefox works in mysterious ways :slight_smile: Tell me what you think of the script when you test it:)

yashu: Thanks yashu. The modellingShader is the script that will go through a facelift first.

…to eliminate the irregular ilumination

What do you mean?

use a switch node to make fewer nodes in the hypershade…

A very clever idea :slight_smile: I’ll look into that.


ah, i meant that with the lambert shader the image plane looks different (darken/brighten) depending on the angle you look, while the surface shader gives the planes a consistent color:thumbsup:


ah, you were talking about the setup reference?


yep :slight_smile:
it would be much better (at least for me :D) to make the reference planes have a consistent color (in the viewport) instead of a lambertian shading model.


I will write that down and take it into concideration when writing the next update :slight_smile:
Do you think you can stick with lamberts for a month? :slight_smile: thanks for the input man.

ps. Looks like you know some MEL. You can modify the setupRef at your own risk you know :slight_smile: Just while you wait…


i think i can manage to survive with them then :slight_smile:

again, thanks for the script, especialy for the reference setup… is much better than maya’s default Image Plane system :thumbsup:


People have so much trouble with image planes. I don’t understand how people can still use them!?..


I’ve got some tips so far. Has anyone else tried it yet? Is there some feedback I should know about :wink:


Thanks for the scripts, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hah, said the American using the bastardized US English. You guys need to adapt to British English and the Metric System already! :slight_smile:


I had to make a torrent of this video due to heavy downloading :3.55 gig in ten days… And the file is only 22.7 meg. Sheesh. But that’s a good thing though. It’s just that my host doesn’t appreciate the traffic :stuck_out_tongue:

So I created a torrent file and I encourage those of you who actually downloaded the video to also download the torrent and help me host it. (9 kb)