Final Year Short - "Divine Application"


Hi everyone,
I’ve just finished my third year major project at the NCCA in Bournemouth, it’s been pretty well received, so I’ve decided to put it up here for a wider audience… :slight_smile:



 Name: Divine Application
  Software: Maya, Shake, DrQueue, Blender (editing only), Photoshop, Terragen, Mental Ray
  Description: A 3 minute character animation. God tries to get a job on Earth, but soon finds that it's far from straightforward, even for someone with his credentials...
  Time frame: I started working on this in October, and finished mid-May. However our final year also has 2 other projects and 2 exams, which cut down on time drastically. In the end I think all animation, rendering, sound and editing happened over about 9 weeks (and being a solo project, I wouldn't wish those 9 weeks on anybody!).
  18 meg QT6 download:
  60 meg Mpeg4-avi download:
  Any comments or criticisms are of course extremely welcome. I hope you all enjoy it! :)


Hi Karl .:slight_smile:

I like it !
I think it was very good animation and story… the only thing that bothered me was the characters look…

The cloth seems to have worked fine for you and the scenerychange was impressive…



Nice one Karl, 4 stars from me, i really like it:thumbsup: good concept, fluid animation but i have to agree with AquilO regarding the god character, the beard looks a biit wierd (the boss looks real good tho). goodluck with job hunting eh!


Thanks very much for the stars and kind words so far, it’s nice to know that all those late nights were worth it!

Thank you (tusen takk) :slight_smile: The cloth was actually a horrendous hack - I did some tests with Maya Cloth during the R&D phase of the project, but when during a simple test the cloth solver actually crashed and refused to solve the cloth for certain frames, I figured I needed a slightly more reliable solution… So I ended up using dynamic curves as wire deformers on modelled clothing instead. This was miles faster than Maya cloth (it would quite happily simulate at 10fps), was able to squash and stretch with the character, and was much easier to correct when it went wrong. I’m surprised it worked as well as it did, to be honest, especially during the fast movements in the scenery change…

Thank you! The whole focus of this project was meant to be animation, so it’s particularly nice to hear you liked that :slight_smile: I agree about the beard, I tried making several other styles of beard whilst modelling (particularly in the same style as the eyebrows), but the more complex it went, the worse it looked and the more it distracted from the face. I guess it doesn’t help that God is such a stylised character whilst the interviewer is more grounded either… Oh well, thanks for the crits (and the good luck too, could always use some of that! I guess we’ll see what happens at our degree show on the 14th…)


Hi Karl,

I loved it! You did a great job on this one although I’d be careful with mixing this kind of music in with the dialogue because the music tend to rip through the frequenty range of the dialogue making it harder to hear/understand what they’re saying, other than that it’s briliant.



Nice Nice , I like the Idea But the Models Seems Not That Good,

But Great Work, Cheers.


oh the boss character rocks!! Love how you’ve animated him…

Since you wanna do animation i think it doesn’t really matter how fancy looking your models are. I think what counts more is the rig’s efficiency, and it seems you’ve done a very good job with it. So the flaws on the models shudn’t be criticised that much in my opinion.

Fantastic work dude


Hi Sid, thank you very much! :slight_smile: Looking back on it now, I agree with you that the voice and music don’t always mix well. I did try to boost the voices and dim the music whenever they were both on at the same time, although by then I knew every syllable of the dialogue off by heart so I perhaps wasn’t the best person to judge it… Something I’ll definitely bear in mind for the future though, good tip.

Thank you, I’m really glad you liked it! Funnily enough, as I got more tired towards the end of the project it became much easier to animate such a jaded and cynical character!.. :smiley: As for the comments about modelling, I’ll quite happily admit that I’m no modeller (God’s head was the first head I’ve ever made, and there’s one hell of a learning curve there!). Animation is my calling, so I spent most of my time there trying to get the story, the rigs & the animation as polished as possible (as you spotted RVG!). I hope it was a sensible trade-off to make…


I really enjoyed this. The direction and set-up was great and it had a good few gags that were funny. It also told a story that could only be told in animation.

Stand out for me though, was the acting of the characters (particularly God) you actually suspend your belief, accept him as a person and can identify with his character traits.

Well done. :thumbsup:


Nice animation and great story. The animation definitly stands out from the rest of the work piece. I also liked the scenery changes. Great work!


cool cloth! nice cartoonish animation style on the smaller character!
I liked the effects as well.
Keep it up!


AmpChuck, zehnerbomb, CoreyJAvitar: Thank you all very much, really glad you all liked it (particularly the character animation! I have to admit I breathed a bit of a sigh of relief when I read your posts!). Corey: Nice to see another Blender user here, by the way! :slight_smile:


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