Final Toon - Jittery Toon Lines.


Hi …
Anyone who faced jittery toon lines while using Final Toon Materials, rendering with default Scanline Renderer?
It’d be great if you could let me know if it could be rectified and how



Not sure, but have you tried using FinalRender as your renderer?


have you tried Rendering-Effects then configuring FinalToon´s Default edges from there?
when you create a final toon material i think that effect get´s added there automatically if i remember correctly and draws the type of line specified there on every material, except final toon materials with configured linestyles.


Vaxn8d, yes I did try rendering with final render, but the jitters still remain…
Bess, my toon lines have been very clearly defined in the materials (final toon materials).
If my character is not skinned, and is in his t pose, the lines are absolutely perfect.
when he is skinned - i tried bonespro and skin both, he gives me jitters.
A little bit of lines dissapearing would have been ok, but this is like extremely jittery.



The further away you go from the origin [0,0,0] in Max world, the more jittery your lines would be … even if relative distance between camera and the object be quite minimal !
I scripted out a workaround, and things are fine
Final toon people say that its a Max issue, coz Max can’t handle laaaaarge numbers


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