Final Submissions


Dev Bye-A-Jee
Final submission - OPTION A - 2D Bradley & Hang Glider Escape Scene


Sylvia with Grappling Hook

Made by Loriane “Miloria” Auzanneau


Abhinav Sharma
Final Entry: Alfonso Escape.


Julian Hellwig - Final 2D & 3D Submission
Option A - Alfonso & BMX

Final 2D

Final 3D

Final 3D Turnaround

All the work is uploaded on my website and my portfolio as well:

Thanks to the people at Tencent Games, Lvl80, CGMA & CGSociety for this opportunity and organizing everything!


Raja Nandepu
Final submission - OPTION A - 2d Bradley


One more variation.

Avishek Banerjee
Option A - Escape scene - Alfonso’s leap

This challenge was a great learning experience for me. Thank you, everyone, for your feedback and support. All the best people. . :smile:


Hi there all

Option A 3D

Dalibor Cee



Jens Fiedler
Final Submission - Option A - 2D Bradley with Glider



Final submission by Maxim Krioukov

Option B - 2D - Bradley redesign



Hey All, wish ya All Good Luck, and everyone have really an great Final Picture here.

Kuro Sekaie

Option B 3D


Ok here’s the final image… I like how well it turned out given the short amount of time I had. hope you guys like it. this is my first contest here and I had fun I hope to do more. Good luck to everyone.


Final uploaded to portfolio


Final Submission
Jennifer Heseltine - 2D - Bradley and Hang Glider, Escaping the Volcano

I decided on a completely different environment from the one I had originally worked on. Hopefully its a bit more dynamic and has more depth than the original design. Thank you so much to the organisers and to Ismail for his great feedback.


Ring of Elysium Xtreme Survival challenge
Final submission - Bradley Redesign 3D [OPTION B]
Artist Name - GuruPrasadk [NecromancerT]

Hi guys, here is my 3D Final Submission ArtWork , hope you all like it. Thank you guys for taking time and giving feedback.
Thank you CG society Team and all the partners for conducting Challenge.
My Portfolio link :


Oscar Trejo
My entry for Alfonso :slight_smile:




1st Place - Pavlo Savchuk
Winner of:
_Asus ROG Strix Scar II Gaming Laptop ($2200 value) _
& 1 CGMA class of your choice

2nd Place - Pavel Tomashevskiy
Winner of:
_EVGA RTX 2080 Ti GPU ($1500 value) _
& 50% off of 1 CGMA class of your choice

3rd Place - Julian Hellwig
Winner of:
_EVGA RTX 2080 XC Ultra Gaming GPU ($800 value) _
& 30% off of 1 CGMA class of your choice

Congratulations to Pavlo, Pavel, and Julian! (@Zegalur, @Pavel_Tomashevskiy, & @JulianHellwig, we’ll be emailing you directly, so keep an eye out for that.)

AND THANK YOU to everyone who participated and contributed. Your submissions, feedback, and camaraderie made this contest truly excellent. Remember, it takes teamwork to escape the island alive! THANKS AGAIN!